Dressember Kickoff

December 1st:
purple plaid dress from Erin @ Both Yellow Animals

Non-Farmer's Wife
Picture is from another day,
but it's the same outfit
except I wore the Kors motorcycle (rain)boots

December 2nd: H&M dresss

10-12 Layer 1 (and Oneida)

Picture is from another day but it's the same outfit

I wasn't originally sure if I'd be trying Dressember so I didn't take any outfit pictures the first 2 days of December but I'll start paying the piper on 12/3.


  1. I really like the cut and color of the second dress. Are those heels you're wearing in the older picture?

  2. They're both cute but I really love the second one! Tiny plaids are so sweet! Hmm, I'd be intrigued by Dressember if it wasn't already zero degrees here... I spend too much time at the bus stop to wear just dresses every day!

  3. Oh my plaid-ness. I love both of these.

  4. What a fun challenge! Good luck staying warm!

  5. @ Rad - yes, those are 1" heels (Steve Maddens) I used to wear all the time! At first they were comfortable but then they just started jamming in the wrong spots? They definitely spearheaded my eventual hate for heels - they were deceptively comfy at first.

    @ Future Lint - yes, I'd skip it too, if it were already 0 here! It's 30 and that's making me wish I hadn't volunteered for Dressember!


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