Cleaning House for Dressember!

I am unloading the last of November's outfit pictures in this post because I'm going to attempt to join the Dressember forces! Once the weather turns chilly I tend to pine for jeans daily so I'm hoping this will inspire me to a) not dress like a lazy person and b) wear a bunch of dresses I still have never worn but have owned for over a year. Prepare to see some garish-a$$ dresses!

I wore this to: work; do my food co-op workshift, signing up new members after orientation while talking about the new-news that Whole Foods Gowanus is (yet again) a go

shirt/j.crew via meshimar
tights/maggies organics
flats/old navy

I wore this to: go to work in the rain; feel like I was wearing PJs all day

flannel shirtdress/?always forget?
boots/hearts of darkness via mooshoes
belt/queens thrift store

Every time I wear leggings I mentally plot out how I can get away with doing this every single day. As a child of the '80s this usually culminates sartorially with a giant Cosby sweater, leggings and Keds. Thankfully for the world, I've yet to make that a reality.


  1. only dresses for a month?? sweet! I'd love to have a reason for that, perhaps I'll join ... but prolly not. but good luck to you lady!

  2. I think I wear dresses and leggings all through winter. I ended up with about 6 pairs this winter..alternating with tights. What do you mean, dresses you've had for a year and not worn! Look forward to seeing them (i think)

  3. Thank you, Meredith! I will probably need the luck!

    @ Teeny - okay, they're not that bad (I think?)


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