Catching Up on Dressember - Bad Blogger, No Biscuit

Dressember 8th/I wore this to:
work (the dress is the same Kimchi & Blue dress I have in black plaid; if you click on the largest version you can see it's a white and rust pattern)

Dressember 8th
dress/Kimchi & Blue via Beacon's
tights/Maggie's Organics
shoes/Baltimore Vintage on Etsy


Dressember 9th/I wore this to: attend an off-site training session for work (I usually wear this dress belted but I was kind of over belting that day) and yes, I am wearing black thermal pants as tights

Dressember 9th
dress/H&M via Beacon's
black thermals/discount store on 5th Ave
boots/Hearts of Darkness/Cri de Coeur


Dressember 10th/I wore this to:
work; see Fela on Broadway; eat @ Life Cafe (this is an iphone picture because I wasn't anywhere near my camera on Friday) and yes, I am wearing legwarmers

Dressember 10th
dress/American Apparel
black thermals/see above
shoes/Baltimore Vintage via Etsy

* I ended up with this dress after a rain-soaked East Village Halloween Parade (I was in the parade in a vintage dress and ended up soaked, far from home). American Apparel was open and this was the most versatile dress I found in my size. It's body-con tendencies make it hard to wear solo. I layered it with a skirt here, thanks to Caitlin @ 4th Street Payphone but it's been a challenge to wear otherwise.

Also, my boyfriend asked me how this wasn't considered a shirt because it's so short. No, I'm not dating an octogenarian.


Dressember 11th and 12th

I rewore the dress from the 10th on the 11th since I slept at my boyfriend's and didn't bring a change of clothes. And the 12th was a PJ-only day. I mean, it's raining and I'd like to hibernate. You know what I mean.



  1. ahahah about the dress comment. I get that all the time- but i mean with leggings and tights or thermal pants : ) everything is a-ok.

    I may have said this before, but I love your apartment. That couch cover is genius

    What's Daffys?

  2. Thank you re my apt!

    Okay, now I don't feel so alone about the "shirt" thing!

    Daffy's = discount store like Filene's Basement or TJ Maxx.

  3. If it reaches your fingertips when your arms are relaxed by your sides, it's a perfectly appropriate length, according to the strict rules of my suburban midwestern high school.
    Your fancy camera pictures are super impressive.

  4. It does *if* I tug on it so I think it counts!

    Thank you! I think it could work better but I still haven't learned how to work it the right way!


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