Bundled Up

I've finally figured out how to keep warm during winter. This is huge because I have a long history of inappropriate apparel for winter weather. In grade school it was my cheerleader jacket hanging open off my shoulders, stretch pants, slouch socks and (cheerleader-mandated) white canvas Keds or Balloons in the snow. Most recently it's been the inattention to socks when it's due to snow.

We just walked almost 30 blocks in this blizzard to the food co-op and I was warm the entire time. If it weren't for some vicious winds pelting my face with icy snow, it would have been a cakewalk. (It's kind of hard to see when you have frozen water assaulting your corneas.) I feel awful for any homeless animals right now, including my 2 feral cat boys out there. I hope they're safe and can make it to the food bowl tomorrow. Winter is a rough time for animals outside. Click here if you need info on shelter for feral cats, feeding them through these tough times or tips for preventing the valuable water they need to survive from freezing.

12-26 Storm
This was after I picked out all the snow layered in my bangs.

12-26 Storm
-Vaute Couture, Vaute coat
- fleece (non-Sherpa) trapper hat (local store)
- giant acrylic scarf via h&m
- legwarmers (?)
- cheap monday jeans
- LANDS END vintage duck boots via etsy

I cannot say enough great things about my Vaute Couture coat. I love it. It's proven to be warm enough for any weather we've gotten so far, including this huge blizzard. (I had a sweatshirt and scarf on under there and I didn't feel the wind through my coat - it was gusting 30-50mph tonight.) While I can't afford a second Vaute Couture just yet, I'm hoping there will be one in my future.

Hoping anyone who's getting this kind of weather is keeping warm. Good luck out there.


  1. The weather is crazy everywhere. Your weather is making our news over here in little NZ! We are having a hot and rainy summer...too bad about our rain. But man, you look TOASTY warm! Glad you got a great coat.

  2. oh my, you definitely look like you are warm in there!
    Hope your cats are okay.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I was outside for 2 hours yesterday and stayed warm except for my toes...needed socks over my double pair of tights. I looked much like you with the trapper hat and scarf.....I had sooooo much fun out in the snow, it made me laugh just walking around in it! Was quite the new experience for me.

    Oh and next time maybe bring an umbrella? I was soooo thankful mine kept most of the wind blown snow out of my face...most but not all...that snow in the eye thing sure does take one surprise!!

  4. You look toasty and cute, which is hard in this weather. I dig your hat and your leg warmers.
    I am a huge fan of the Uniqlo thermal underwear, which is cheap, super thin, and super warm. And vegan, I believe. If you get a chance, check them out.

  5. When I dress for awful weather I look like a blob. You look so cute and warm! I love that coat!


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