2010 Favorites

I made a set of 2010 favorites. I thought I would have a lot less but my definition of "favorite" boiled down to "something I'd wear repeatedly". [Originally I had this embedded as a slide show but it wasn't working.]

Dressember Day 3still too shortBBW JacketFridayLayering v.2010Sat early eveningSummerEpitome90-something-degreesUrban Renewal, renewedShorts!The BluesNon-Farmer's Wifeskirt pocketsSherbertBklyn Flea Vintage DressFirst Round of Swap BoxSaturday JesseWindy04-26-10look to the leftcitryFox mouse bear pinHeavy Metal Belt Buckle3-4-10 Thursday:  Guggenheim Modern Menstrual Hut2-1-10 Monday:  Seriously?

Favorite buy, via Gilt, no less:

matt nat nico.jpg

Some of them are favorites because I just like the item (the country shirt...with boring jeans) and others because I like how they were put together. Even though I have about 10 black dresses and am in love with them for practical reasons, not many of them made it to the favorites.


  1. I really like the Brooklyn Flea vintage dress outfit.
    Interesting that you didn't find any of your black dress outfits to be favorites. Maybe because it's your "uniform" and those looks that depart from your usual caught your eye more? I found this was true for me (except my uniform is a skirt/blouse/cardigan).
    Happy 2011.

  2. I think this is *definitely* true! And Happy 2011 to you also!


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