(Unsponsored) Product Review: Boho Beetnik's Maraschino Lip/Cheek Stain

Finding a vegan lip/cheek stain hasn't been easy.

The woes: Benetint has carmine, although is the perfect color. Tarte's isn't vegan, although other Tarte stuff is. Urban Decay Lip Envy stains a little more easily than I'd like (it's for lips-only...I have to dilute it with water to apply to cheeks!) and isn't offered in the color range I like.

boho beetnik maraschino stain

I tried this out for 2 weeks (on and off) before I posted this.


  1. It's a great color - very similar to Benetint
  2. It smells good
  3. Cheap!
  4. Vegan, natural and simple ingredients (beets! cherries!)
  5. It's decent for travel (have had issues with Benetint and Urban Decay's )


  1. Can tell there's glycerin in it, not as "watery" as some of the others, which is good but also makes it only (very slightly) sticky when dry (not enough that I'd actually have an issue with it - it's like if you put a gel or creme blush on)
  2. It only lasts for 6 months before it turns a brownish color and becomes unusable

Summary: As of now, this is my go-to stain. I've given up on Lip Envy, the one vegan version I knew of before.

For full disclosure, I purchased the product on my own and am writing an unbiased review to help others who want feedback on natural, vegan products.

Hit me up in the comments if you have questions.

*Update: The tube turned colors shortly after the six month mark. I did contact the seller to find out if that's normal and apparently it has a short shelf-life but this is something they're working on. I ended up throwing my tube out when it turned brown and didn't replace it.


  1. @ Sarah - nope! It's actually slightly moisturizing and protective because of the glycerin, I guess.

    Now I'm wondering if this stuff will help protect my cheeks during frigid windy winter. I don't think it's quite that thick of a layer though!

  2. Oh no the lipsurgence isn't vegan? I liked the color - and the sephora lady told me it was- egads - good thing I didn't buy it.

    It's cool that it's beets and cherries - does it really moisturize? That would be good for winter.

  3. @ La Fille - The weird thing is that I don't see any ingredients that I think AREN'T vegan. I'm wondering if Tarte just didn't update their vegan list? I'll email them.

  4. That's possible unless it's something unlisted? They wouldn't do that would they?

  5. I doubt it! My guess is either they haven't updated the vegan list, which they should OR they weren't positive about the sourcing of one or more of those ingredients!

  6. @ Suzz - I got an answer from Tarte; it's NOT vegan!

    "Hello Jesse,

    Our Lip Surgence are not vegan, only the products on our vegan list are
    the ones we offer. Thank you for your inquiry!!!"

  7. How well does this stuff stain? I recently threw down $20 for Josie Maran stain, which apparently isn't vegan after all AND doesn't seem to work any better than the Cover Girl equivalent.


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