Thanks. Fields. Beret Trial.

Just a quick note to say thanks to Interrobangs Anonymous for including my "Dressing Vegan" post from last week in their Thursday Links. I'm honored, because I always dig their links. You are missing out on some hearty guffaws if you don't watch that Gordon Pinsent link. And the serious links are...well, important and informative. In a way I really appreciate.

I wore this to: hang out at Storm King, an outdoor space for large installations, which I thought would be much much smaller than it is. It's huge.

Storm King
hat/Old Navy (acyrlic!)
scarf, gift from landlady
coat, Spiewak (Thinsulate, no down/wool)
fingerless mittens/Score swap
jeans, H&M
shoes, Baltimore Vintage/Etsy
bag, Melie Bianco

When it's cold I usually wear either a trapper hat or earmuffs (both cotton/acrylic) but I thought this year I'd try the beanie/beret style for a looser hat option. It worked out okay but I couldn't get it to stay on my ears while turning my head. I am open to trying other hat options.

I wore my nylon Spiewak coat instead of the Vaute Couture coat because we were traveling upstate (cold!) for both Storm King and Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. So I knew the next day I'd be wearing wellies on a muddy farm, petting some animals. (Which you know you'll see later!)


  1. That coat is adorable! Can I ask which Spiewalk style it is?


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