Shoes, Marshmallows and Books - Oh My!

I wore this to:
-attend the Olsen Haus/Pratt shoe contest event as my friend M's +1
-eat at Red Bamboo

11-11-10 Thursday - Olsen Haus Pratt Thing
cotton sweater/h&m
cord mini/old navy

org cotton tights/maggie's organics

booties/Baltimore Vintage via Etsy

We got there long after the food but we did get some drinks and I took a picture of my favorite shoes in the contest (just about the only flats there, too). But, alas, they were not the winners.

Olsen Haus Pratt Farm Sanctuary Thing

I wish you won, Olivia Choi! I would wear the heck out of those shoes!


I wore this to:

-a long work meeting about feral cats!
- go to Mooshoes/book signing for Vegan Girl's Guide to Life
- eat a lot of Sweet & Sara s'mores

11-12-10 Friday @ Mooshoes Vegan Girl's Guide to Life Book Signing
shirt/marc jacobs via beacon's closet

oxfords/neuaura via mooshoes

This is the lady of the hour, Melisser Elliott, with her book:

Vegan Girl's Guide to Life

Mooshoes - Vegan Girl's Guide to Life Book Signing

In addition to all the what-you-should-know about nutrition/cooking/beauty products/clothes shopping/entertaining tips for newly vegan ladies, Vegan Girl's Guide to Life includes profiles of several awesome vegan ladies. The book would be a good holiday gift for the ladies in your life who are planning on (or thinking about) going vegan.

One of the vegan lady profiles is of the mastermind behind the aforementioned Sweet & Sara. That's right - there's a profile of the Vegan Marshmallow Queen, Sara.

Sara makes these!

I've linked to her site above if you want some tiny snow-people marshmallows (sans animal hide and bone ingredients!) to arrive in your mailbox!


  1. Cool beans! I'm jealous : ) sounds like a lot of fun. And why oh why didn't those flats win? Whats the heel deal these days?

    Those lil' marshmallows are so cute!

  2. oh I love sweet & sara marshmallows! I'm just finishing a pack of dandies so now I need to upgrade to the snowpeople!


  3. cute outfits! and omg.. i looove red bamboo.


  4. god, now you have me wanting s'mores. and so early in the morning.

  5. That first sweater is adorable! Is 10:48am too early for s'mores?


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