The (Sanctuary) Farm Life

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was already confronted with dressing for winter when we headed to Woodstock over the weekend. I was looking at about 50 degrees by day and 32 degrees by night. Needless to say, outerwear was pretty much all you saw on me at the 2 outdoor locations we traveled to.

To hang out with the sanctuary animals I:
-ditched the hat and gloves from the day before (you can't pet animals with gloves)
- changed into junky wellies so I could navigate the muddy farm

Here I am with Pete, my favorite pig
at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary:

Pete's story is here
(along with a video of him arriving at the farm!)
He has a hard time walking.

I'm chasing tiny Stanley around to pet him here:


And hanging out with goats here:


We also got to spend time with:
  • giant pigs (way bigger than Pete!)
  • broiler chickens (including chickens rescued from kapparot); "heirloom" chickens
  • steer
  • turkeys; "food" and "heirloom"(who kept showing us their pretty fan of feathers and letting us pet their soft warm little heads!)
  • rabbits under their little heat lamps
  • sheep
  • ducks/geese in their new pond enclosure (!), including a pair of rescued "foie gras" geese
  • one cat with a stubby tail
And see examples of the factory-farm equipment that these animals would be housed in if they were still part of our factory farming system. The enclosures are so small you can't even fathom the animal being in there for 10 minutes, let alone their lives! Such an eye-opener.

I'm so glad we made it to hang out with all these guys on the last day of the sanctuary's visitor season. I definitely recommend visiting the animals there (and I'm really glad I dressed for the weather).


  1. Aw, such cuties! Is this that great coat that you posted about earlier? You look very happy.

  2. This is an amazing place. Each story is heartbreaking. Pete looks like such a sweetie!

  3. It is wonderful that the sanctuary and other places like it...exist.

  4. Oooh man, I so badly want to go to Woodstock FAS sometime! Is it hard to get to from NYC? I don't have a car. . .

  5. I've never been around Pigs.
    I would like to visit some...someday.
    And I can't believe turkeys let you pet them.
    I wanna pet a turkey!!

  6. Their stories are all so sad. I'm glad they've found their way to the sanctuary. You and pete look so cute!

  7. Thanks, dudes!

    It is a really inspiring and sweet place!

    This coat isn't the Vaute Couture one (that one is more cloth-y so I was afraid to get mud on it). I wore a nylon shell coat instead so it'd be easier to clean if needed.

  8. Oh, and WFAS isn't that hard to get to. There is a bus! (We ended up renting a car bc we were going to Storm King first, staying the night at the cheapest hotel nearby and then going to WFAS.)

    The public transport directions are here:


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