Prison books, wood books

Since it's already Wednesday, it's a little weird to be writing about my weekend - the distant memory it is. I am anyway. This isn't about clothing but you guys like to see neat-o stuff so I would be remiss to not share.

Saturday I/we :

- went to the crowded NYC Art Book Fair

- got the most incredible book on earth (below)

- saw the most incredible not-books on earth (below)

- went to the Flux Factory Self-Destructing Art Show, enjoyed the majority of the pieces very much...but expressed concern over the live mice used in one of the installations to both the curator and artist and that has resulted in ongoing conversation re the well-being of the mice, which I believe they are attending to at this point. I am a firm believer in "if you see something, say something" and I think you all should feel comfortable doing that too! (Don't worry, it's always awkward-feeling.)

Exhibit A: Most Incredible Book on Earth
true story of prison dog program trainer falls in love with convict,
helps him escape and goes on the lam
documentation (photos, letters, parakeet)
think: way better and less annoying real Griffin & Sabine

picture from


Exhibit B: Most Incredible Not-Books on Earth
Carved and painted wood; art + books
Untitled Objects/Conrad Bakker




I will cop to these crappy iphone shots

Sorry, world.

Sunday I/we:

- cheered on the NYC marathoners at mile 6

- went to B&H so I could buy a new camera

- ate at Loving Hut


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