Mountain Man Outfit and Mouse PSA

Did you ever wake up in the morning, realize it's a total layering day and then proceed to put together a bunch of stuff you would never even think you'd see a 5 year-old in? A 5 year-old who is newly allowed to dress themselves, even.

This is my block with layering. If I have to think of a sequence of more than a few items of clothing that I'll be layering or interchanging throughout the day, my mind explodes. Confetti, glitter, cats - everywhere.

Which brings me to.

I wore this to:
-ride the PPW bike lane to the end of a dog's birthday party
-go to the food coop for potluck ingredients
-roast brussel sprouts
-attend potluck
-walk to bf's
-watch The Cat Returns

Mountain Man
- pink scarf/gift from landlady
- blue vest/office ops thrift
- vintage switchblade pin/park deli
- plaid shirt/???
- jeans/h&m
- shoes/baltimore vintage via etsy


*** Mouse PSA! ***

I didn't include it in the "I wore this to" list above but this day was particularly crappy because I found a live mouse stuck to a gluetrap, thrown on the sidewalk next to a trashcan. I was able to get it home and off the glue trap with some good ol' canola oil. (Nothing had been torn or injured with him struggling on the glue trap, thankfully, so he came off in one piece.) We set him up with some basic food and shelter, hoping for a clean bill of healthy and a speedy release.

Unfortunately I think the shock was a little too much for him (who knows how long he was there panicked and struggling before I found him) and he passed in the night. Glue traps blow. Please don't use them.

The reasons mice are inside houses are easy access and a food source. Usually these are the first places to start - eliminating access to the house and isolating them from food sources. If this can be done, the mice generally have no incentive to continue to try to live with you and once they're trapped and released, they should stop returning! There is a bunch of info here, at HSUS's Wild Neighbors space and here, at a pest control agency's page.


  1. Cute vest! Very busy weekend appropriate.
    Wah about the mouse on the glue trap. I agree that glue traps are totally awful. I did have a live trap for a long time in my old place (but never did catch any mice). The number one solution that I didn't see on your link and never really see everywhere is to remove all your food based garbage from your house everyday. They love the smell of your recently tossed apple peels, chai tea bags, and muffin/cupcake liners and will run to your garbage can even if it's covered. My strategy is to keep all food wastes in a container in the freezer (and if you separate it properly, you can take it when it gets full to the compost place). I never had any mice again after that, even though other folks in my old building saw them.
    Rats are a whole other can of worms.

  2. 1. I like the "child dressing herself for the first time" look, mostly because I was that kid who always wanted to were crowns and princess dresses to the grocery store, and my mom didn't let me, so I do it now. The vest and plaid and scarf totally work.

    2. Poor mouse! I have never really understood the good animal, bad animal phenomenon in our society. Mice are cuter than most house pets, imo. I am glad that you saved one.

  3. I love your outfit and you look super warm and comfy!
    I hate those traps! That story makes me so sad. In an old apartment they tried to put them down and I threw them away. I just cleaned extra good and made sure to put everything away and mr mouse was never seen in my apartment.

  4. You are the sweetest animal saver ever! That plaid shirt is the bees knees by the way.

  5. I simply love the vest and the shoes it's nice..

  6. a small suggestion for layering - layer underneath the real clothes things people won't even see to keep you warm, that way you don't have to put as much thought into it. I am trying this out with warm long things underneath dresses and skirts/tops, and just got this bodywarmer from uniqlo in soho that keeps my mid section super warm:

  7. thank you so much for posting this information. really you have to just put all your food in heavy-duty tupperware that closes tightly or glass jars with tight-fitting lids (unless it's in the fridge).

    not only is this better on the various meeses out there, but it will keep your food wholesome and sanitary. (hello!?!?!) it is the very very rare case which actually requires this kind of cruelty.

  8. "Confetti, glitter, cats - everywhere."


    That pin is super badass!

    Poor mouse - I'm glad you rescued him but sad that it was too late.


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