Links a la Mode

Just to recap for those of you who don't know, Links a la Mode is a group on Independent Fashion Bloggers Network. People submit a link and the editors pick 20 links - everyone who is part of this group posts the links to their blogs.

A few of you have commented on the choices in the links list before so I'm just letting you know I didn't pick them out myself, but (while I read them all) I am bolding the ones I find most interesting!

links a la mode

Costume Drama: A Break From All Things Outfit

Edited by: Holier than Now

It's the Halloween season, when some of us choose to experience the thrill (or horror) of looking nothing like ourselves for a night. For those of you who blog or socially post your outfits, perhaps it's a chance to take a break from the judgmental eye of the spotlight (consider Love Brown Sugar and One More's pieces on the subject) - one night where you turn in "looking good" for looking scary, time period-accurate, or just ... a little sexier than usual. Inspired? Find last minute costume inspiration from Tickle Me Chic and more.

And for those of us who don't celebrate the witching hour, there's still a chance to step away from the closet and remind ourselves that great lingerie, shoes, bags, and jewels can make even a white tee and jeans look scary good.

Links à la Mode: October 28th

  • A La Modest:7 Common Reactions to Style {I love this; I recognize some of my reactions here and it's exactly why on Wardrobe Remix I will favorite things I would wear and comment-only on things I like but couldn't see myself wearing}

  • Best of Bklyn: In Favor of Knickknacks - How to Personalize Your House Into A Home

  • Boheme Noir: The definitive IN/OUT list for Fall 2010 bags

  • Closet Confections: Fashion Bloggers Take On Product Placement:A Video Response

  • Cute and Little One: Product placement and blogger responsibility: a blogger's role in influencing product advertising.

  • Daisy Dayz: Inspiring locally-designed headwear

  • Fashion Cents: 3 Tips to Consider for Open-Toe Boots/Shoes for Fall

  • Fête à Fête: YSL's new Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks

  • Holier than Now: 11 Great Jewelry Sites You Might Not Know About

  • Hunting and Gathering: Why Classic Jewelry Never Goes out of Style

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Want to be a professional blogger?

  • Interrobangs Anonymous: On going grey in your twenties

  • Love Brown Sugar: Why Don't You Love Me? A curvy girl's ode to outfit posting on fashion communities

  • Miss Viki: AND_i captivating jewelry show coverage, with video

  • OK, Bowtie: Underneath: why everyone needs pretty underwear

  • One More: Does a bloggers dress size affect readership and is the blogging community becoming divided over it?

  • Ruby-Eyed Okapi: A Modest Approach to Halloween Costumes

  • Style Every Day: How to change that horrible mess of jewelry on your dresser to supreme organization

  • The Lingerie Addict: How to Buy Vintage Lingerie for the Perfect Pin-up Figure

  • Tickle Me Chic: Fashion-inspired Halloween Costumes

  • Vogue Mornings: Ten Tips for Achieving Work/Life Balance