Hump Day Last Week

I wore this to:
- work!
- use my camera from 2004 for hopefully the last time

11-10-10 Wed
- Built by Wendy jacket
- h&m jeans
- Hearts of Darkness/Cri de Coeur boots
- kitty Olivia/basement in Brooklyn

I just recently got a new Panasonic Lumix and hopefully I can learn how to use it. It's so nice having a camera that takes a decent picture on an automatic setting.

I'll donate my old camera to an animal adoption group for adoption pictures. I almost feel bad doing so because I hate the camera so much but I guess a kind of lame camera is better than no camera. Right?

Hey now! I actually talked about where stuff is going when I'm done with it. That was supposed to be a focus of the blog - am I tossing stuff, finding another use for it or unloading it on someone else?

So, where do your old cameras go?


  1. Looking good!! I've used that camera, it's a really fabulous point and shoot, and just when I was thinking panasonic wasn't doing anything worthwhile anymore...

    So far my first point and shoot ended up on ebay, and i got almost the same amount that i paid for the new one. current point and shoot is still in my possession for when i want to travel without the bulky dslr.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. No, no, no, first lets talk about your hair! It is super sleek and gorgeous! Our old camera's hard-drive kaputted on has been donated to our littlies toybox. They make pretend movies on it.

  3. sadly for me, the only time i end up getting a new camera is because i either lost or broke the previous one.

    the most recent story of stuff, which i'm sure you're familiar with, is a video about where old electronics (including chargers, batteries, cameras) go after we are done using them. it's very interesting and informative, i only wish the solutions were more in the hands of the consumers than the creators/capitalists, you know?


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