For My Peoples

Busy week! Boring outfits. So I'm just poking my head in to share this - follow the pink arrow.

bklyn industries coat

Props to Brooklyn Industries for advertising vegan-friendly coat lining. 'Tis the season of label-reading for me so anything that makes winter garb easier to weed through is much appreciated!

The Streets I Know has a second vegan coat post up (linked) if you want to check out a post on cute coats and/or vegan coats.

* My friend K refers to vegan stuff as "the stuff of your peoples" so when they invite me over they'll say things like "We have dessert for your peoples". And that is how I started referring to "my peoples" regularly.


  1. Thanks for the shout out for my vegan winter coats post. And I love that, Brooklyn Industries has labeled that coat as vegan too. it's means we're making headway and I love it because it makes my life (and fellow vegans lives) so much easier :). cheers!

  2. Brooklyn Industries is really good about these things!

  3. too funny I was just looking at all those modcloth coats- I like that they list the clothing materials.
    thanks for the BK industries link too. This is good to know for if we move to a cooler climate.

    Why am I looking at coats though? The last thing I need is another coat! : ) hehe.

  4. Hmm... I probably need a winter coat (I usually just layer my wool coat) and that Dorset coat is cute. I especially like the sweater sleeves.
    BI has some good sales but maybe I'll look again come February.


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