Did you know there was a squatter commune older than I am?

I wore this to:
- work
- listen to collected oral histories of Christiania's consensus meetings @ ABCNoRio
- arrive @ the end of Vegan Drinks
- eat a vegan Cuban @ Curly's

11-18-10 Christiannia and Vegan Drinks
- dress, h&m
- belt, Queens thrift store

- tights, Maggie's Organics

- shoes, Neuaura via Mooshoes

In squatter commune news: Have you guys heard of Christiania before? Was I living under a rock? How do you just not hear about a commune that's not bound to the laws of their geographic location's otherwise-governance that's 40 years-old? (That's their flag, right there.)

The oral histories we heard focused on the Christiania meetings - in order to decide anything as a community, they have all-community meetings and must come to consensus. For those of us who've experienced the pain of consensus in a mere 20 person meeting, imagine consensus meetings with almost 1,000 people. Some residents loved the idea because it was communal and offered some strategic structural and non-sequitur benefits... and (as expected) some hated it because it's so limiting.

I guess I'd been exposed to the idea of Christiania at least once before - I found this Tiny Houses blog post that I know I'd read prior. I just didn't realize what the hell Christiania was.

In clothing news: I like this dress way better belted. Unfortunately the first time I wore it I had a Blossom-esque experience when I wore it boxily unbelted. I already did the boxy florals/babydoll dresses the first time around, I don't need to rehash it so literally this time.


  1. I've been to Christiania! By the time I went (ca. 1995) it had a pretty touristy feel to it (hey, I was there as a tourist!) not so much a place where people live.

    I read an article about it some years ago which was pretty hopeless about its continued existence. Apparently, copenhagen council were being pretty agrressive in trying to gain access to the land to sell it for development (this was pre-recession, presumably).

    Another thing I remember from that article was that when one of the residents was raped by another resident, she called the police and there was a big division between those who thought that was the right thing to do, and those who thought that the commune should have taken care of it itself, and that Danish police had no authority. I know what I would have done, (but then I would never have lived there in the first place).

  2. Hmm, I've never heard of it, I'll have to read about it today! I LOVE this dress on you and the belt is the perfect color for it!

  3. Crazy, I'd never heard of Christiania before! Crazy interesting.

    Also, did you get a haircut? I've been a bit MIA lately. You look good!

  4. Thank you for finding my blog so that I could find yours. Pretty dresses and deodorant reviews are right up my alley (I'm glad I'm not the only one who can out-stink KMF). Keep looking for that table; you'll find it! SLC is super picked over as well. I've been looking for a year, and I finally got lucky.


  5. The dress is superb....cute tiny houses in christiania huh.

  6. Oooh have you seen that movie Commune? With the bay area hippies/folk? It's so cool, to think people would live so freely and together

  7. @ Franca - No kidding! That's awesome that you've seen it first-hand. I think they said 850 total still lived there but that's it. There was some mention of the cops/ambulance and Copenhagen forcing them to name/number their streets because an ambulance came in to help someone and had a difficult time navigating to the home.

    That rape incidence is horrifying. I agree, I likely wouldn't live there (given the stories about the drugs/violence, although I like the *idea* of a functional commune) - but that poor person.

    @ WIW - Nope, but I think it's grown in more? Maybe that's it? Thank you!

    @Eli - YES! I'm so glad someone else has seen that! I actually saw it at "movie night" in my food co-op's meeting room! I do have it on my Netflix list as well though since I saw it a few years ago.

  8. I've never heard of Christiania... have to head to wikipedia...

    I like the dress belted, oh it's amazing what those little things can do!!

    Chic on the Cheap


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