Deal with the Devil

Despite my intense dislike of the barrage of thinly veiled blog-tastic advertising they're churning out, I actually just ordered something from Modcloth. Since I have a hard time getting through winter, I generally let myself buy whatever winter-wear I want.

As my old roommate who'd recently moved from CA had to say about coats and NYC:

"It's like it's all you wear. It's like wearing the same outfit every day."

Weighing in at the scales with a 4 out of 5 on the Coat Warmth Scale and coming in at less than $100, I give you the non-wool Rolvenden Coat.

Might switch out these buttons

I'm hoping this is a real Coat Warmth Scale and not a Florida Coat Warmth Scale for fake winters.

If this fits and I don't return it, I'll have four coats. Plus a "trapping" parka for cat work.


  1. Wait. How did I miss the previous post about the ModC? I do feel the same way- because yeah it rely does reek of 'fake' - but my issue with Mod Cloth started waay before they latched on to bloggers and that's the fact that the stuff I bought from them in the past I had to return because of such poor quality and construcion for the price. I haven't bought anything from them in YEARS - yet I still can't help but look at their website. Because yeah it all looks cute.

    But, I've noticed that recently they started carrying better merch. Better 'brands' for what it's worth.

    That coat is cute and it's BB Dakota - not some unnamed. I think it will look really cute on you!
    Crossing my fingers it's not a Miami winter coat.

  2. I agree with La Fille, I ordered a few things and was quite disappointed. Pretty high prices for pretty cheap stuff.
    That said, this is really cute.
    I hope they have improved the quality of their items!
    let us know... :)

  3. What a shame that so many bloggers have reported that the stuff is so badly made....because it DOES look so cute! That coat is divine, I hope it is awesome.

  4. GOOD LORD. I almost fainted when I scrolled down and saw that coat! NEED.
    I also have a love/hate thing going on with Modcloth. I love pretty much the majority of their selection but their prices are so laughably insane that I just shop around to see if I find it cheaper elsewhere, which I usually can. I've also heard about the shoddy quality, so the chances that I'll ever buy anything from their site is pretty slim.

  5. I can attest to the need of multiple winter coats. I have gotten into the habit of buying one new coat a year, and then never getting rid of older ones, so I can diversify through out the cold months.

    I really like the coat you chose, and can agree that the mod cloth advertising situation has gotten a bit out of control, yet I still visit their site and look at all the adorable things.
    Even though I've yet to make a purchase.

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. Oh, do report back! I badly, badly need a new winter coat, and was wondering about their warmth scale myself!

  7. That's so funny - winter in Chicago is like wearing the same thing every day for 5 months. Sigh. But the only coat that feels warm enough for walking around and taking public transit is one of those huge, long, quilted, down puffy coats. It's not pretty. Luckily, when I wear my bike I can get away with laying a more fashionable wool coat over a wool sweater.

    Beautiful coat! I hope it works out for you.

  8. The only time I ordered from them was when I won a $100 gift certificate two years ago... of the stuff I got, a skirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of shoes were fine quality, but a dress was terrible and I got rid of it after wearing it once. That coat is cute though, very modern victorian?

  9. Four winter coats is fine, you need to keep warm! Can't comment on Mod Cloth - living in the UK I don't think it's worth shelling out for the shipping. But speaking of aggressive blog advertising, you know who gets up my nose? AMERICAN APPAREL. They're everywhere, flashing bum cheeks on my screen.

  10. I would wear that coat everyday, no complaints. KILLER!


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