Cheezy Love

It's funny how much wider the shots are with my new camera. You can see half my crooked living room.

I wore this to: work, shop for baby shower

Tuesday like a Thursday
- cardi/dept store
- shirt/thrift
- pants/target
- flats/payless


And I made these little guys. Which I promptly ate with some sundried tomato dip. (I've given up on having a separate food blog since I never post to it - so that stuff will go here now!)

Cheezy Heart Crackers

Heart Cheezy Crackers
If you click on the picture, it'll give you the recipe links


  1. This look tasty, but what is nutritional yeast? Which section in the grocery store can I find it in?

  2. Guess you will just have to stand closer to the camera ;)

    Love that your crackers are little hearts. that instantly makes them taste better, i'm sure.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. The cardigan and plaid shirt are perfect together! I feel like I cook a lot (and a lot of different stuff) but I have to say, I've never made a cracker in my life! Intriguing!

  4. @ sarah nicole - I get mine at my food co-op but health food stores pretty much always have this! I'm not sure if regular grocery stores will carry it though!


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