Yellow Typewriters, Not That Versatile

If you're looking for the post where I wear a lot of plaid and layer with some basic pieces I just bought, it is your lucky day. Wait no more; your ship has come in.

I wanted a few long cardigans to wear with dresses and I attained these with smashing success this weekend during Strategic Shopping - below are my 2 neutral kind-of-boring yet effective victories. Huzzah!

I wore this to: go to work; work late; dinner @ bf's house; wear home the next morning

- gray cardigan via target
- kimchi and blue dress via seattle buffalo
- flats, payless

I wore this to: go to the library; not enjoy my day; walk over the Brooklyn Bridge; eat at Mr. Wonton

- sweatervest via daffys (weird!)
- dress from Erin/Artist Erin/Both Yellow Animals Erin
- leggings via h&m
- flats, payless

I won't bother explaining it but I will tell you that I pinned a braid up into a modified updo and was smugly satisfied that I put my hair up expediently and suitably for public consumption. Take that, elaborate internet tutorials about braiding.

I did actually look around for a necklace with a pendant of some sort of color to help out the layered look but alas, I only have a yellow typewriter necklace which did not go with either. I originally thought the yellow typewriter would go with everything. "What could be more versatile than a yellow typewriter drawing hanging around my neck?" A necklace panacea. Wrong-o.

So, I'm currently in the market for:

a) a necklace with some color that's not a yellow typewriter because I've got that one covered already

b) a cotton or synthetic (just...vegan, really) grandpa sweater and by grandpa cardigan I mean roll-collar and some pockets stuffed with Werther's (Kidding. Werther's aren't vegan.)


  1. I think the yellow typewriter would look great against a grey-dominated outfit.
    Also, I hate that I know this, but there are some version of what you're looking for at Old Navy (which are almost guaranteed to be vegan). I'd recommend both online and the store. I hate that I look at that place.
    Also, yeay for the great buys.

  2. if you want to keep with the typewriter theme, but go for black and white: here

    missy industry
    these ones are pricier, but beautiful and handmade. a friend of mine who is a fashion designer introduced me to her stuff and i love it! simple but bold at the same time. my favourites are the shears and the heart.

  3. You are actually going through with the sunglasses thing aren't you?

    I would love to scour etsty for necklaces. alas, it's back to work for me.

  4. Man, I need sweaters too. I want to keep wearing my summer tops!

    You look super cute.

  5. Um- school me. When your refer to vegan clothing, you are not just referring to non-leather products? No wool, either? But shearing wool doesn't take the life of the animal... help me understand, please.

  6. you look so cute in plaid! i love how you wear all vegan too.


  7. @ Rad - I totally agree re the gray. I did check out ON (I also peruse there!), but they only had short-sleeve roll-neck cardigans and I already have the one above. I'm still on the lookout for something a little more conventional g-paw.

    @ Julia - thank you for those links! I love the first one and I think I would like to get the bird nest necklace and the octopus brooch. Since I'm looking for a little color, unfortunately the b/ws are out, although they're awesome.

    @ Franc - YES! I only let myself take 3-5 pictures tops so this weeds out the blinking shots at least. I'm not sure how long I can keep it up - I imagine when it's overcast and snowy, I might feel otherwise?

    @ WIW - thank you!

    @ Mama Lucy - this is a good question and I think I might do a post on it.

    For now, this is a good video, even though it's PETA (who I can take or leave):

    And this rescue story:

    Farm Sanctuary is one of my favorite places in the world and it's a nice rescue story.

    Wool definitely isn't something I support. At some point in my 15 years of being vegan I had started buying used wool from thrift stores, although I struggled with people not visibly knowing the difference between old wool and new wool...*and* then I began to be desensitized to it...and ended up purchasing a new wool jacket. So I realized it was much better to just cut out all old wool and new wool.

  8. I'm late to comment but ' about the wool - as a relatively new vegan (just a bit over 4 years now)
    I grappled with the clothing part - food was easy - clothes were another issue - i continued to be gifted leather goods until I fully explained why I don't do new leather (though I do still wear thrifted leather ) I did give up recycled leather as it is no bueno for the environment.

    I still also wear thrifted or vintage wool - and such but again I kept being gifted wool items -

    it's tricky - i am starting to think I want to start a clothing line that makes amazing vegan friendly and affordable clothing

    15 years! wow : ) - maybe you've answered this but what the first thing that made you decide to become vegan?


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