Weekend of Lethargy, Swaps, and a Lot of Food

I'm running slightly behind with the Dressing Vegan post - I'm trying to give concise answers so it's not super long. I know we all have blogroll-RSS-ADD. So, basically, if you still want to ask a question, you can, because I'm not finishing it until tonight!

But for now, a quick weekend update post.

I wore this both Saturday and Sunday (I showered, I swear) with different sweaters or boots since it was just one of those lethargic weekends.

On Saturday:
went to swap a friend organized in Crown Heights and met up with my other friend S and Rad of Cohabitating Closet (that denim pencil skirt below was hers!); lunch @ Chavellas; watched North by Northwest firmly planted on the couch after making dinner with bf's CSA stuff (I did...the chopping)

On Sunday: slept until 2pm (seriously); did errands; rode Kate Jackson around Prospect Park; ate vegan pizza @ Pizza Plus

This picture is boring as clothes go but I'm posting it for the bike shot.

Kate Jackson

Launchpad Swap Stuff:

The funny thing is that out of those 5 items, 3 came from people I knew. The small swap was nice, until I realized that one girl who brought a lot of stuff must have had some pit stain issue and I had to give up the dress she brought, which I tried on in front of her and liked because it had pit stains but couldn't say why because she was right there and I didn't want to make her feel bad. She was so nice and I really liked her. The light green Kimchi & Blue shirt was also hers, which I didn't find out 'til I was leaving. We'll see what this shirt looks like when it comes back from the laundrette!

Swap @ Launchpad

And on that related note, this is what I got at the Queens Salvation Army ($15 worth of stuff) last weekend (that Ben Sherman button-down will have to be worn tucked in only):

$15 Queens Salvation Army Stuff

Bag - right below it are the 2 Matt & Nat bags it reminded me of, which probably swayed me towards getting it.

Queens Salvation Army

matt nat diaper

matt nat hendrix


  1. AWesome swaps! I have that little grey sweater top- if it' from Delias...from soo long ago- it's super cute.

    Your hair is getting so long! : )

  2. I'm so jealous! It's like a whole new wardrobe. Now i feel like going op-shopping, except that I just blew $30 on magazines. I'm trying to convince myself it was worth it.


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