Summer Peoples, Rage, Work Attire

Summer Peoples, I feel your pain. I am not relishing jackets and the like but here we are. Fall.

"F you in the face, Fall.
I will shank you."
- scarflette via Etsy
- plaid trench, Roxy
- Cheap Monday jeans
- Payless flats

I have no idea why I look so damn pissed but I think it's funny. PIST! Actually, there are many many real reasons to be pissed off these days -

- the Tyler Clementi case {links to Love is the Slug}
- the whole I Let Your 4 Pets Die Because You Didn't Pay the Fire Dept $75 case

Really really really f-ing pissed. Almost uncontrollable rage, actually. Barely controllable. I am so tempted to hate people. That entire fire dept - malicious. And I'm curious to see where the hate crimes charges go with the Clementi case.

I understand there will always be suffering in the world but to let things like this happen is inexcusable.

We should all be extra nice to people today. And tomorrow.



In blog la-la land, I decided, since I'm apparently in my 2nd year of posting here, to see what I was doing last year in October. (My best guess: complaining.) Turns out I was trying to figure out how to layer. Again. It's something I have to relearn each fall/winter and I appreciate any modicum of layering success I have.

I have been feeling lacking in the work attire area lately so I made the mistake of stopping in H&M on the way home. Working near Herald Square - mostly a curse. I settled on one single black-based floral print dress (and a pair of black leggings for layering times).

And this, from way back when (last week) leggings as layering options weren't even a thought in my head.

I wore this to: get a massage; eat lunch at Whole Foods; meet about a committee; hair cut & dye; see boyfriend's friend's band/going away show

- old Old Navy shirt
- AA skirt
- vintage bag
- shoes via vegetarian section


  1. Oh man those links! Unbelievable wtf world? I can't think about it too much - I mean I deal with crap like that everyday at work - people being less than human to one another. I know you must deal with that at work too!

    And fall is there? Is it cold? Should I bring a warm jacket when we go to visit the city?

  2. Yeah, I also sat in on a meeting where they outlined some open and some closed cruelty cases and it made me really want to punch people so hard. Or start carrying a gun. And I don't like those thoughts. It's slightly frightening though when you look at what dogfighting was in the 1800s and what it is now...the fact that it still exists is a disservice to humanity.

    Anyway, YES, it's getting chilly here so I would bring a jacket. Right now it's 50-60-ish. I got away with walking to the deli at lunch with just a cardigan on but I was cold and when I leave here at night I will need a jacket.

  3. Your coat is super cute and I love the little scarf! I love fall, but at least here in Minneapolis, it is like 3 weeks long... it goes from summer to winter with this brief little period in the middle where you aren't miserable from the extreme weather... already it's like 35 degrees when I bike to work in the morning and it is depressing!

  4. oh, those links made me sad. So sad. We also got the news about the bully to suicides. Where the heck is humanity???

  5. I don't remember where I read it, but I was pretty moved by Dan Savage's response to a "Christian Woman" who was offended when he railed against the gay-bashing Christians perpetuating the hate that led to these deaths:
    Also, the fire thing is just criminal (except the city did it).
    Your coat is cute and I look forward to more adventures in layering.

  6. ahh that case with the fire department is so awful! i can't even believe it.

    on a light note, your coat is really cute, as are your shoes.

  7. Sad sad sad links. Sad.

    And I'm with you on the weather--such a rapid change! Still, you look cute in both pics.


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