Steve Adler's Book

This isn't about clothes but you guys wanted to know how it was. So these are my thoughts on it (slight spoilers and some references to sexually-explicit events!):

  • Wow, there's a lot of euphemisms for vagina (the entire book references snatch, tail, piece, snapper, etc.) and trolling for hot pieces
  • Do not believe ghost writer has any writing experience although blurb says otherwise.
  • I cannot believe how horny and brazen he was as a teenager. That woman could have (should have?) been arrested.
  • Pushover in the band.
  • Upbeat! Yeah! High on life!
  • high on crack cocaine.
  • high on heroin.
  • The things he resents the most are confusing. Sexual assault greater than or less than social slights?
  • It was gracious of him to stick it in a girl with armpit hair (?)
  • The entire band approved the rape art as the first album cover. This still doesn't seem to phase him and he really doesn't apologize for that in the least.
  • Chivalry: thy name is providing a paper towel after a girl blows both you and your friend in an alley and you happen to be the one whose load she didn't swallow but took in the face.
  • Axl could come off much worse than he does, to Adler's credit. Sad panda. Was hoping he would.
  • Addicts are pretty disgusting.
  • Steven Tyler comes off as pretty rad.

Like most alchies and addicts, Adler is charismatic and likeable -- and even more so since you don't have to personally deal with his consequences. (Had I had a direct relationship with him as I have had with other addicts, I doubt I would feel this way.)

He seems to deflect blame a lot and gloss over where he takes the, he's sorry but not really all that sorry.

Most interesting to me about me reading this book is what I like to call the "Alien Experience". He dedicated his book to his dogs but only ever mentions having them with him once, when he's gone to cop, shoots up in the car and goes into convulsions. No mention as to who takes the dogs when he is saved, who is ever taking care of them, where they end up when he's out of it, etc. Every time he tanked I wondered who the hell was taking care of the dogs.


* "Alien Experience" because when I watched Alien with Sigourney Weaver for the first time when I was 5 or 6 years-old, I kept asking my grandmother what happened to her cat the entire end of the movie.

"Where'd she put her cat? Is her cat okay? She's not going to leave without that cat? Where do you think it is?" (I didn't even have a cat at that point; in fact I didn't understand why people had cats instead of dogs at that point. Now I like both equally.)

Meanwhile my grandmother's replying, "She might die. Why don't you care about that? Who's going to take care of her cat then?"

Man, was I relieved to see Riley show up with her orange cat - not only because the cat was saved but also because it exists as an obviously poignant plot point.


  1. I do this with animals, too, first time being in Menin Black. I advise you to never see the Futurama episode Jurassic Bark for that reason.

  2. I wanna read it now. That was a great bullet point summary!


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