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I wore this to: go to the vet's office; go to my friend's book signing at a book seller that had a book bound in human skin (I didn't see it myself, thankfully) and talked to a bunch of strangers; then dinner at Candle 79 with book-signing friend and others

let's pretend these aren't flowers
h&m dress
maggies organics tights
neuaura shoes via mooshoes

The pattern is actually floral, which I usually avoid.
But I can handle very-stylized flowers:

Saturday I headed out to Queens (New York!) to scour their thrift stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army) for some stuff on my list including work-related items, the zenith of the list being fitted trousers. My thriftiness ended there, friends. We decided to stop by Queens Mall since we were already in the area. And how often am I am Queens?

I basically spent from noon - 9pm shopping, traveling to shopping destinations or eating to fuel shopping. Which is either really funny or incredibly lame? It reminds me of Ab Fab. Or the Dead Kennedys? ("Buy buy buy from Circle A, like hula hoops it's a disposable craze, a fast food fad to throw away...") Even though that's about punk fashion ("'s Anarchy, for sale!").

But I did get mostly "list items" and used magnificent judgment. I left many many tried-on items behind due to fit, price or material quality (*cough* Tucker for Target).

I think my shopping total was around $100, which isn't too bad for 4 stores and 6 articles of clothing, 3 belts and a purse.

Sunday was less shopping-obsessive. I met up with a fiend (dumbest typo!) friend to shoot the s--- over magazines @ B&N, eat lunch (vegan cuban), and then came home and watched Kiki's Delivery Service. I watched the English version because I wanted to hear Phil Hartman as the black cat but I wouldn't recommend it - subtitles would have been better instead.


  1. That is a cute dress. The flowers are just the right size to make it look like nice print and not wallpaper : ) Hows wa Candle 79?

  2. Yowza! All that stuff for 100 bones? Nice work! Looking forward to seeing new items...

  3. You look adorable in that!

    Unfortunately, what stands out to me here is 'book bound in human skin.' Wtf!

  4. @ la fille - it was good! I got the seitan piccata and we shared a bunch of appetizers, the dumplings and the mushroom plate being the best! I think I still prefer Blossom though, as far as expensive vegan meals go?

    @ mamalucy - I promise to deliver on that front!

    @ whatiwore - SERIOUSLY. It was how I started a conversation with someone I didn't even know. "I'm sorry - did you just ask him if they had any more acquisitions that are bound in human skin or did you say human skeleton, which is impossible?"

  5. great that you found so many things on your shopping expedition! i haven't been to the thrift stores in queens in awhile, i should go again. i really like the dress here. ~joelle

  6. Ahhh!! We made reservations at Blossom for my bday when we arrive. Okay the reviews were all good - but now that you've given it your thumbs up I'm excited.

    also human skin bound books? WHY? Did they give any kind of explanation to that lunacy?

  7. The skin binding thing...ew. EW!!!! And I'm proud of you and your shopping excursion. Sounds like you did pretty well. And on a selfish note, I look forward to seeing the spoils...

  8. I mean "proud" because you obviously chose really well (item wise and financially) you don't have to beat yourself up about know...with a skin bound book or anything. HaHA!

  9. Meeting a fiend could be fun!

  10. Great dress. Is that a recent find at H&M?
    I am also excited to see the new finds.

  11. Human skin books CREEP ME OUT. They always make me think of the book in Hocus Pocus.

    Tucker for Target was such a disappointment. I need to stop fooling myself into thinking that anything from Target will fit me correctly - but the Tucker stuff was especially terrible.


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