I've got no outfits to post because I ran around all weekend and was barely home.

I did go see The Corin Tucker Band (meh) and the Screaming Females (yay) and went to the WFMU Record Fair though. I ended up with the following, and then some:

And some others that filled the should-have-but-don't holes or have-it-on-cassette-so-it's-useless holes, including Sleater Kinney, Babes in Toyland, Mott the Hoople, etc. My main focus was finding some Chisel before I can't find it any longer. But I failed.

This is a marked improvement from last year when I ended up with a tri-fold cover Bay City Rollers album I found boring, a few garage comps I actually listened to and some hair metal I thought I would listen to more. Maybe it pays to have to rush through hundreds of tables of records in 45 minutes?

Other weekend highlights:

  1. Got to see my friend visiting from SF.
  2. French fries.
  3. Had delicious grapefruit soda during a friend's birthday dinner.
  4. Watched Kill Bill and Kill Bill II.
  5. Coffee with my loveliest friend, C.

*I would have added watching Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind if it was awesome, but it wasn't; it was okay.


  1. Cool beans you got all those records - for some reason haha I thought that was for next weekend
    : )

    Sounds like a great weekend. It rained here the whole time- but it was nice. I really can't wait to get to the east coast & hope it's nice cool fall weather.

  2. The Kill Bill movies make me want to be a film-maker soooooo baaaaaaaad.

  3. We were cool enough to get the postcard about this sale, but definitely not cool enough to go. You cleaned up though! Awesome.

  4. @Teeny - that's funny because I just wanted to be an assassin sooooo baaaad. :)

    @Rad - I go every year (in the past it's been twice a year but now it's just annual) since I rarely buy records otherwise and the money's for a good cause. (Do you guys donate to them? That's how I got on the mailing list.) And a few people I know have tables the secondary benefit of the fair is to just see folks I don't normally see!


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