I am now $140 poorer

Hearts of Darkness/Cri de Coeur Fall 2010.

I am not allowed in any more stores. Ever. At least it's supporting a vegan brand.

And I didn't have any flat black boots. /justification


  1. Ooooh, cute! I need new winter boots too, so I'll be poorer with you soon, I'd imagine.

  2. OMG! LOVE THESE actually $140 is a great price for new boots...and vegan to boot' ( haha)

  3. WANT your so lucky that you can buy them in a store & not have to order them online!

  4. I'm sure you need them. I'm trying to justify fantasy etsy purchases using "well, the Nz$ is so good right now"....i haven't given in yet.

  5. No black boots??
    Totally worth it. How do you get through the fall and winter without black boots?

  6. FWIW I think they are totally justified. They really seem like they fit your style well.


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