Dressing Vegan

This came up in the comments of another post, so I figured I'd eventually do a post on what "dressing as a vegan" entails. For example, the question that popped up was basically what's so unkind to animals about wool? I am happy to answer any questions about what vegans abstain from wearing and why or vegan options available for particular clothing items, if you are so inclined to ask.

In case you have questions you're embarrassed to ask me with your name attached, I put together a formspring account for your questioning. I can't imagine any of you will be douches, but just note that if you are jerky, that is really more your problem than mine and you might not get an answer. But I seriously doubt I have those kinds of readers. You can also ask questions in the comments if you like!

All questions asked by Sunday afternoon will be answered on Monday on this blog.


  1. I just saw your doppleganger in Silverlake.

  2. I don't have any questions but I am totally interested in the article. Also, thanks for those links to fabulousinparkslope! HA! funny!

  3. Do you wear faux fur or faux leather? Why/why not?

  4. Oh** I thought I'd share where I've had luck finding vegan sweaters & knits & things - Zara has had some great sweaters over the past few years as has UO - and occasionally modcloth and nastygal both carry nicer sweaters that are synthetic- but they are pretty hit or miss for construction/quality.


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