Dressing Room Triptych

Since I've started this blog, I noticed that I no longer rely on fitting room mirrors. Instead I rely on my phone's camera and the resultant pictures. If that's not subverting the dominant paradigm, I don't know what is.

The outfit in the middle was mine, and I ended up getting the shirt on the left and the dress to the right. I love these pictures together because it looks like clones of me. Does everyone immediately think how great it would be to have clones because you could send them to work for you? Why can't I think of anything else to do with Jesse-clones?

Monday TriptychMonday TriptychMonday Triptych
[pictures linked to full-size if your eyesight is bad]
-urban renewal empire waist button down

- cardigan via target
- gray skinnies, delias
- pleather flats, payless

And I ended up buying yet another miniskirt I can't wear to work. Father Christmas*, forgive me for my sins. It's corduroy and I'll have to wear it with tights. That makes it less a mini, right? I'll wear it on weekends. I don't know how else to justify it. It was $5? Hey, is that a unicorn right behind you?

*Father Christmas is the most relevant deity in charge of consumerism, right?


  1. i am totally the same way now!! when i went to chicago this weekend, i took pictures of myself and then figured out when i wanted to buy something.
    pictures don't lie! (unlike flatteringly-slanted mirrors)

  2. I usually prefer to believe mirrors to photos. I'm always so disappointed in my photos :-(

  3. i no longer trust the store mirrors either. But my phone is very povvo and I don't have a camera on it. boo. I do like all three of those outfits. Each is very different.

  4. I love each outfit. The shirtdress ( is that what they're calling them) is pretty cute.

    As for clones - yes I picture my clones buzzing around a house in disney-esque fashion doing dishes and laundry and dusting and doc review while I sit and read a book. Poor clones.

  5. Ooh, cute all three!

  6. Good choices! I totally hear you about buying things not work appropriate... but then I try to make them work appropriate, which is always interesting.


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