Steve Adler's Book

This isn't about clothes but you guys wanted to know how it was. So these are my thoughts on it (slight spoilers and some references to sexually-explicit events!):

  • Wow, there's a lot of euphemisms for vagina (the entire book references snatch, tail, piece, snapper, etc.) and trolling for hot pieces
  • Do not believe ghost writer has any writing experience although blurb says otherwise.
  • I cannot believe how horny and brazen he was as a teenager. That woman could have (should have?) been arrested.
  • Pushover in the band.
  • Upbeat! Yeah! High on life!
  • Oops...now high on crack cocaine.
  • Oops...now high on heroin.
  • The things he resents the most are confusing. Sexual assault greater than or less than social slights?
  • It was gracious of him to stick it in a girl with armpit hair (?)
  • The entire band approved the rape art as the first album cover. This still doesn't seem to phase him and he really doesn't apologize for that in the least.
  • Chivalry: thy name is providing a paper towel after a girl blows both you and your friend in an alley and you happen to be the one whose load she didn't swallow but took in the face.
  • Axl could come off much worse than he does, to Adler's credit. Sad panda. Was hoping he would.
  • Addicts are pretty disgusting.
  • Steven Tyler comes off as pretty rad.

Like most alchies and addicts, Adler is charismatic and likeable -- and even more so since you don't have to personally deal with his consequences. (Had I had a direct relationship with him as I have had with other addicts, I doubt I would feel this way.)

He seems to deflect blame a lot and gloss over where he takes the blame...like, he's sorry but not really all that sorry.

Most interesting to me about me reading this book is what I like to call the "Alien Experience". He dedicated his book to his dogs but only ever mentions having them with him once, when he's gone to cop, shoots up in the car and goes into convulsions. No mention as to who takes the dogs when he is saved, who is ever taking care of them, where they end up when he's out of it, etc. Every time he tanked I wondered who the hell was taking care of the dogs.


* "Alien Experience" because when I watched Alien with Sigourney Weaver for the first time when I was 5 or 6 years-old, I kept asking my grandmother what happened to her cat the entire end of the movie.

"Where'd she put her cat? Is her cat okay? She's not going to leave without that cat? Where do you think it is?" (I didn't even have a cat at that point; in fact I didn't understand why people had cats instead of dogs at that point. Now I like both equally.)

Meanwhile my grandmother's replying, "She might die. Why don't you care about that? Who's going to take care of her cat then?"

Man, was I relieved to see Riley show up with her orange cat - not only because the cat was saved but also because it exists as an obviously poignant plot point.


Dressing Room Triptych

Since I've started this blog, I noticed that I no longer rely on fitting room mirrors. Instead I rely on my phone's camera and the resultant pictures. If that's not subverting the dominant paradigm, I don't know what is.

The outfit in the middle was mine, and I ended up getting the shirt on the left and the dress to the right. I love these pictures together because it looks like clones of me. Does everyone immediately think how great it would be to have clones because you could send them to work for you? Why can't I think of anything else to do with Jesse-clones?

Monday TriptychMonday TriptychMonday Triptych
[pictures linked to full-size if your eyesight is bad]
-urban renewal empire waist button down

- cardigan via target
- gray skinnies, delias
- pleather flats, payless

And I ended up buying yet another miniskirt I can't wear to work. Father Christmas*, forgive me for my sins. It's corduroy and I'll have to wear it with tights. That makes it less a mini, right? I'll wear it on weekends. I don't know how else to justify it. It was $5? Hey, is that a unicorn right behind you?

*Father Christmas is the most relevant deity in charge of consumerism, right?



I've got no outfits to post because I ran around all weekend and was barely home.

I did go see The Corin Tucker Band (meh) and the Screaming Females (yay) and went to the WFMU Record Fair though. I ended up with the following, and then some:

And some others that filled the should-have-but-don't holes or have-it-on-cassette-so-it's-useless holes, including Sleater Kinney, Babes in Toyland, Mott the Hoople, etc. My main focus was finding some Chisel before I can't find it any longer. But I failed.

This is a marked improvement from last year when I ended up with a tri-fold cover Bay City Rollers album I found boring, a few garage comps I actually listened to and some hair metal I thought I would listen to more. Maybe it pays to have to rush through hundreds of tables of records in 45 minutes?

Other weekend highlights:

  1. Got to see my friend visiting from SF.
  2. French fries.
  3. Had delicious grapefruit soda during a friend's birthday dinner.
  4. Watched Kill Bill and Kill Bill II.
  5. Coffee with my loveliest friend, C.

*I would have added watching Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind if it was awesome, but it wasn't; it was okay.

Links a la Mode

Just to recap for those of you who don't know, Links a la Mode is a group on Independent Fashion Bloggers Network. People submit a link and the editors pick 20 links - everyone who is part of this group posts the links to their blogs.

A few of you have commented on the choices in the links list before so I'm just letting you know I didn't pick them out myself, but (while I read them all) I am bolding the ones I find most interesting!

links a la mode

The Blogging Diaries- Introspects, insights, and inspirations

Edited by: Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista

As bloggers, we often find ourselves looking to other blogs for inspiration. Sometimes we look to our closets, magazines, or in the mirror. This week's roundup fashions some of the most introspective and insightful posts from bloggers who reach across the blogosphere as they look for ways to build upon, contribute to, and pull inspiration for and from the fashion world.

  • 365 Fashion Rehab: Lessons from a (Reformed) Shopaholic: A beautiful handbag repaired (for free!). One more reason to buy quality over quantity.

  • Boheme Noir: The first ladies of Vogue - a closer look at the most important editors in chief.

  • Daisy Dayz: Friend Friday: How to learn from your mistakes and let your blog grow

  • Devilishly Pleasurable: Reflecting on the evolution of my blog and tips for better blogging!

  • Fish Monkey: The notion of flattering dressing is oppressive and unnecessary. Rather than conforming, why not chose a different shape?

  • Hazel Eye Personality: Who has what it takes to be the next big and game changing designer? It takes a lot of time, passion and sanity to make it in the fashion world.

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Work Smarter, Not Harder–3 Ways to Massively (and Permanently) Increase Your Traffic.

  • Miss Viki: "Love Me" and what is wrong with our beauty ideals, if anything?

  • No Guilt Fashion: I put on my game face and tried out my biggest fashion trend fear

  • Passionista Place: qvc, hsn...oh my! find out why home shopping networks have become a bit of an addiction for a modern passionista like me.

  • Seamstress Stories: Reflections on the role that mirrors play for our body image and self-perception.

  • Showcase Edge: Indie Fashion Goes Back to the future. A look at designers who hand-make clothing inspired by times of the past

  • Sidewalk Chalk: I'm a poser, baby: 7 steps for posing naturally in outfit photos

  • Stylish White Female: Transitioning from vegetarian to vegan: Some things are hard to give up. Fur is not.

  • Taxonomy of my Wardrobe: Shopping the Wardrobe. My version of this month's Harper's Bazaar Buy Now wear Forever list selected from my own wardrobe.

  • The Coveted: Three Way With a Long Chiffon Skirt

  • The Curvy Fashionista: Nordstrom reaches out to plus size fashion bloggers to collaborate on its newest plus size endeavor- Sejour

  • The Demoiselles: She is not a fashion blogger. She's just a woman, sitting in her bathtub.

  • The Simply Luxurious Life: In a world that seems to be changing quicker than the seasons, what does it mean to be a lady?

  • The Wondergirl: retail-me-not: waxing poetic on two interesting happenings of late in the world of specialty retailing.

  • Vogue Mornings:How not to lose motivation when blogging, a few quick solutions to the problem many bloggers face.


One day I can dress myself, the next day I can't.

I wore this to: work; drag my groceries and cat litter home 25 blocks (= 2 miles) on a handtruck getting a bunch of weird looks from people

Lugging stuff around is the #1 thing I dislike about NYC. It's hard to schlep supplies around. Oh, also travel time if there's no direct subway route -- it can take a ridiculous amount of time (ex. one 2.5 mile route is 30-40 mins by subway, 10 mins by car, 50 mins to walk).

But I've been trying to use taxi services less hence the handtruck for groceries. (I hate to push grandma carts but I'm somewhat willing to drag a handtruck behind me.)

- h&m floral dress from 2 yrs ago
- clasp belt, via Qns Salvation Army
- Maggie's Organics Tights
- Neuaura shoes via Mooshoes


A Bonus:
Outfit Fail

I wore this to: go to work


- jcrew button down via Launchpad swap
- skirt/aa
- flats/Payless
- Maggie's Organics tights
- VW sacred heart necklace via Portland Crossroads

I thought it's be a nice juxtaposition to throw a silver, chunky, sacred heart necklace over the more conservative button-down but nay. Nay nay nay. It just looked awful and sadly I gave myself the whole day to make sure it wasn't just that I was out of my comfort zone. The shirt needs to be unbuttoned to seem less stuffy and have a better fit (paradoxically wearing it more unbuttoned accentuates the ladies less). Learned lesson. Stuffy shirts = 2-3 buttons unbuttoned. Necklace, never over button down. Never do either again. Done and done.

I don't blame you for not caring about the details but I did want to let you know that I let myself walk around looking like a weirdo all day at work for the sake of style experimentation. Why is it that there are sometimes I just cannot judge if I'll like something before I leave the apartment?


Links a la Mode

Just to recap for those of you who don't know, Links a la Mode is a group on Independent Fashion Bloggers Network. People submit a link and the editors pick 20 links - everyone who is part of this group posts the links to their blogs.

A few of you have commented on the choices in the links list before so I'm just letting you know I didn't pick them out myself, but (while I read them all) I am bolding the ones I find most interesting!

links a la mode

Coats on!

Edited by: Florrie Clarke of Intrinsically Florrie
Change is literally in the air, bringing with it the cold and rain that requires a wardrobe transition. I must confess to being ill prepared myself and as a consequence have been drenched in the freezing cold. Time to get out your boots and coat because fall is well and truly here. I may stick stubbornly to my floral dresses all year round, but the difference is in the layers. So I'm on the look out for fabulous tights and there are a couple of lovely posts to help me choose or even DIY my own style.

Links à la Mode: October 14th

  • Beautifully Invisible: The Art of Fashion Photography, as told by guest contributor Casee Marie

  • Best of bklyn: A guide to looking great on rainy days.

  • Broke & Beautiful: Kelli Murray proves that fashion and style are both forms of art.

  • Clothed Much: Blogging tips I've learned after a year and a half of blogging

  • Dramatis Personae: If I Were Another Person- What would you wear if you were someone else?

  • Forever Amber: My discovery of style blogging has also led to a discovery of places around my town that I didn't even know existed

  • Grit and Glamour: Friend Friday: Sticks, Stones, Comments, Criticism, and Kindness

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Bloggers Talk Monetizing Sites

  • Intrinsically Florrie: A backstage look at the London Season debutantes of 2010 at the Queen Charlotte's Ball, featuring Pronovias wedding dresses and Mikimoto jewelry.

  • Leia's Delights: Tutorial on how to enhance curly/wavy hair

  • Love Brown Sugar: Why spend your hard-earned dollars on trends that will fade away next season? A Guide To Thrifting Trends

  • Make the World a Prettier Place: A selection of beautiful vintage-inspired dresses

  • Malvestida: I came across the idea of making a photoshoot about two of the things I love the most: music and fashion.

  • Oranges and Apples: Beauty Essentials: Nivea Creme

  • Other Dutch Animals: Mad men and English women: reject the high maintenance of the past and do vintage your way

  • Skinny Purse: How To Wear Tights - Fall's Essential Foundation Garment

  • Shrimp Salad Circus: Get that extra mile out of your tights with seven fun and fashionable DIY projects!

  • Style Eyes: Sustainable Clothing - Progress by the UK high street and online retailers since the launch of the sustainable clothing action plan

  • The Citizen Rosebud: The story a a couple of backhanded compliments

  • The Coveted: Is it Fall Yet? What to wear in transitional weather.

  • The New Professional: DIY: Turn an A-line into a pencil skirt.


Fall Out

A much shorter post!

I wore this to:
work; chores; life; pet kittehs

Layering v.2010

- button down/gap via beacons closet
- sweatervest, via score swap
- dkny skinny pants
- flats payless
- religious something-stomething pin, atomic ashes in portland


Dressing Vegan

There is an updated version of this post as of 6/18/2013 on Vegan for Her, over here!  Some of the links on this page are out of date but the content on the Vegan for Her site is updated.

*I tried to make this as short as possible so topics that had more to them are linked to additional information. But it's still very long! Thank you for all of your questions - hopefully the answers do the questions justice. But if they didn't or you have additional questions, let me know in the comments! I will mention some vegan resources in a future (short) post...shortly.
Am I really seriously truly 100% vegan?
[Is this a vegan? Y/N]
What is “vegan”, really? I use the World English Dictionary definition of “a person who refrains from using any animal product whatever for food, clothing, or any other purpose” and for the most part, I am.
Whether someone is vegan seems like a tricky question because if anyone claims to be 100% vegan…they are liars since so many things intrinsic to living these days aren’t vegan. But if we take just any definition I end up having these conversations with people I meet, the worst of it when they’re my waitperson at a restaurant:
  • “You don’t want fish? You’re vegan – my friend’s vegan and s/he eats fish!” (“That’s not vegan…actually.”)
  • “You don’t wear leather? My friend’s vegan and s/he wears leather.” (That’s not vegan…actually.”)
  • “You don’t wear silk? My friend’s vegan and s/he wears silk!” (…you get the point)
While I like that people are shopping according to their own values, and I want them to feel included, I do sometimes resent that more and more people are identifying as vegan but consuming a lot of standardly-unvegan things - it sends a muddy message that makes it harder for me to explain why, no, actually, I won’t have leather/wool/fish/cheese because I’m vegan and I don’t want to! That’s why I’m vegan – I abstain from animal products and by-products on purpose! But on the other hand, I like that people are participating in veganism as much as they are, and I don’t want to be the vegan police and tell someone they’re not vegan (even if they’re not, by the definition I use in the dictionary) and be a major downer! I’m happy that people are in the game. I’m glad people are willing to participate and take actions to reduce the suffering of animals – period. This post will be all about me me me me. Not about what others wear as they identify as a vegan.
Animal products I abstain from, new and old, while dressing are:

  • Fur
  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Wool
  • Angora, mohair, alpaca
  • Silk
  • Down
Are you guys wondering what my winter coat looks like yet? Picturing a burlap sack stuffed with cotton? (Don’t worry – it’s this one.)
"Leather's a by-product of the meat industry and we're just using its waste."
I feel like fur, leather and suede are easy for people to get why a vegan wouldn't wear them. One myth I run into frequently is the idea that leather is a meat by-product and we're just using what's there. Leather is a lucrative and environmentally bad business – it’s not like the leather industry found a pile of hides in the forest and decided they must make use of them in the most natural way possible; they paid for them. And the toxicity of synthetics is not the only earth boogey man out there; leather does its part, too. Click here for more on leather.

"What's so bad about wool? The animal doesn't lose its life and just needs to be sheared."
Wool is more complicated because you picture farmers in a serene field, shearing their peaceful sheep. What could be wrong with that? Wool isn’t just material sheared off sheep who produce it...normally. The sheep are bred/genetically modified to produce huge amounts of wool ($ ca-ching! $) – so much they have difficulty keeping hygienic and the process to shear them is incredibly gross and inhumane. Maggots and slicing skin off infected areas are common and wool sheep are usually sold off as meat when they are no longer “useful”. This is a really short to-the-point video about wool and YES, it's narrated by Pink and YES, PETA did it. But I swear it's the short skinny on wool.
On a more positive note, this is a sweet rescue story – Thistle the Sheep at Farm Sanctuary! If you ever have a chance to go to Farm Sanctuary (NY or CA) or Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, go! They’re pretty amazing.

I usually avoid all the other “hairs”, too! (Angora, mohair, alpaca.) I know there are some humane alpaca farms out there and once upon a time I did briefly consider it. But it came down to me not being comfortable with any situation where the animal is a commodity – because it can very quickly be lip service vs actually humane (like “free range” birds who still never see the light of day). When the animals are done being "useful", what happens to them?
And I just don’t need to wear animal hair that much. It sounds silly but I don’t mind a challenge here and there to avoid that stuff and find something else.
[Some Basic Vegan Winter-Wear Items]
12-10-09 Thursday:  Shortie

“What about when you thrift shop? I am semi-vegetarian, and I think it is okay to wear wool second hand, because I am still saving the environment in a way.”
At some point in my 15 years of being vegan I had started buying used wool from thrift stores because I liked the idea environmentally, although I struggled with people not visibly knowing the difference between old wool and new wool and people thinking I thought new wool was fine (I didn’t)...and then I began to be desensitized to wool. I ended up buying a new wool jacket. So I realized it was much better for me to just cut out all wool so I wouldn’t confuse people about where I stood. And I wouldn’t start thinking of wool as something innocuous, which is the way I began to think about my old wool and how I rationalized buying the jacket. Sneaky brains.
Over the course of 4 years owning that jacket, the more I thought about it, it was like my old leather stuff that I had to give away because it just grossed me out so badly to think about what those animals had been through and where that wool came from that there was no way I could stick that next to my body. (And I was a metalhead/punk kid - that was a lot of leather.) For a while I would wear that wool jacket on and off, and get pissy and defiant about it. I think I was just really angry at my mistake and didn’t want to admit I made such a bad move and bought directly opposite of my values. But I did.
[The New Wool Jacket]
10-13 - Outside Layer, also Last Day of Wellness

I also don’t do animal products when I buy vintage/thrift because I can still find a lot of non-animal stuff at thrift and vintage stores – it’s pretty easy overall. But I think if this fits in with your value system and you feel comfortable doing it, you should do it.
[Last (Vegan) Thrift Store Haul]
$15 Queens Salvation Army Stuff

“Do you wear faux fur or faux leather? Why/why not?”
This is a really great question! Because I wear one and not the other – I wear faux leather and not faux fur.
Faux leather (aka pleather or synthetics) is what most of my shoes and bags are made out of. It’s not the greatest environmentally depending on who’s making it but I’ve filtered through the brands that are most durable so I buy less, although god forbid any of them have a pair of standard black ballet flats (Matt & Nat, Melie Bianco, Novacas for the most part, and I’m currently testing out Neuaura and Hearts of Darkness). Also, some of those brands have a mission statement that includes workers’ standards and/or eco-parameters; I’ve linked to the ones who do.

So many companies have leather and pleather lines that I don’t think people make the assumption that when I’m wearing pleather I’m wearing leather. And about 40% of my pleather is re-use/vintage. Frankly, I think sometimes you can tell the difference anyway. And I do think it's important to support the brands who are actively and purposefully vegan.
[Matt & Nat (P)leatherBag]

matt nat diaper

I don’t wear faux fur because I’ve ended up with some fur trim that I think was real fur. I ended up having that jacket tailored so the hood was removed and the trim is gone. But my cats were way way too in love with that faux fur trim for me not to be suspicious, suspecting it was real. And, as you might know, many a real poor-dude raccoon-dog is sourced from China and sometimes Finland, skinned (alive) and passed off for faux fur. And sometime in the recent past cat and dog fur was being passed off as faux fur. How f’d is that? I don't know if you recall the Burlington Coat Factory debacle re their coats containing dog fur, and thereafter a bunch of brands were called to the table re their faux fur being real fur - but the companies thought they purchased faux fur. So - after that I avoid! Like crazy! (The CA bill to accurately label fur, faux or otherwise, was vetoed by Schwartenegger just last month.)
Jacket Hack
I do have a reversible jacket that has black pile faux fur inside; it looks very fake. But I just don’t like the look of it so I don’t wear it that way. I’ll bet if I did like the look of a faux fur that was convincing I’d probably skip it -- it’s technically vegan but it’s outside my comfort zone with people’s assumptions of what I’m wearing.
The first thing that made me want to go vegan

I actually tried to go vegan when I went vegetarian when I was 16 (20 years ago) due to our family dog, Diablo. His face had been severely scratched due to an accident and my uncle needed someone to put the medicine on Diablo's face while he held him. I remember applying the medicine, and being surprised at how much his raw face looked like steak. And that was it. I was reading a lot of punk zines at that time and I already knew "there's a veal calf in every glass of milk" -- so I knew if I was going to go vegetarian, I had to go vegan. In New Jersey. In 1990. You can smell the failure, right?

I was 16 and useless as far as feeding myself went and magically didn’t feel well after a month of soft pretzels and iced tea so I switched to just being vegetarian to make it a little easier. This was also around the time that you were lucky if you saw one veggie burger at your supermarket. 5 years later I easily transitioned into veganism.

Basically, my dog and the phrase “there’s a veal calf in every glass of milk” made me vegan. (Dairy cows need to be pregnant once a year to continue producing milk and their calves are taken away from them primarily for the veal industry. They’re weaned often in really stressful ways for both the mom and baby.)
For the record, my family told me for the first DECADE that being vegetarian/vegan was a phase. Eat it, suckers!
A Note on Other Values:
While the environment and workers’ rights are not directly applied in that definition above, most vegans I know do try to take that into account also. Will each item we buy be the holy trinity of such standards? Probably not. We all have our own value systems to uphold – but I have noticed that vegans often get ripped a new one if they are buying synthetics because they “don’t care about the environment”. I’d hope that being vegan means we all do care about the environment because uh, it’s where we and animals live! But it’s true you can’t always uphold all your values and my default value is “was an animal harmed in making this?” (See Andi’s post about vegan shoes and how a commenter tried this tired argument again - which I think the plastic-y Melissa shoes ironically inspired; they're almost zero-waste and have higher worker standards.)

Weekend of Lethargy, Swaps, and a Lot of Food

I'm running slightly behind with the Dressing Vegan post - I'm trying to give concise answers so it's not super long. I know we all have blogroll-RSS-ADD. So, basically, if you still want to ask a question, you can, because I'm not finishing it until tonight!

But for now, a quick weekend update post.

I wore this both Saturday and Sunday (I showered, I swear) with different sweaters or boots since it was just one of those lethargic weekends.

On Saturday:
went to swap a friend organized in Crown Heights and met up with my other friend S and Rad of Cohabitating Closet (that denim pencil skirt below was hers!); lunch @ Chavellas; watched North by Northwest firmly planted on the couch after making dinner with bf's CSA stuff (I did...the chopping)

On Sunday: slept until 2pm (seriously); did errands; rode Kate Jackson around Prospect Park; ate vegan pizza @ Pizza Plus

This picture is boring as clothes go but I'm posting it for the bike shot.

Kate Jackson

Launchpad Swap Stuff:

The funny thing is that out of those 5 items, 3 came from people I knew. The small swap was nice, until I realized that one girl who brought a lot of stuff must have had some pit stain issue and I had to give up the dress she brought, which I tried on in front of her and liked because it had pit stains but couldn't say why because she was right there and I didn't want to make her feel bad. She was so nice and I really liked her. The light green Kimchi & Blue shirt was also hers, which I didn't find out 'til I was leaving. We'll see what this shirt looks like when it comes back from the laundrette!

Swap @ Launchpad

And on that related note, this is what I got at the Queens Salvation Army ($15 worth of stuff) last weekend (that Ben Sherman button-down will have to be worn tucked in only):

$15 Queens Salvation Army Stuff

Bag - right below it are the 2 Matt & Nat bags it reminded me of, which probably swayed me towards getting it.

Queens Salvation Army

matt nat diaper

matt nat hendrix


Dressing Vegan

This came up in the comments of another post, so I figured I'd eventually do a post on what "dressing as a vegan" entails. For example, the question that popped up was basically what's so unkind to animals about wool? I am happy to answer any questions about what vegans abstain from wearing and why or vegan options available for particular clothing items, if you are so inclined to ask.

In case you have questions you're embarrassed to ask me with your name attached, I put together a formspring account for your questioning. I can't imagine any of you will be douches, but just note that if you are jerky, that is really more your problem than mine and you might not get an answer. But I seriously doubt I have those kinds of readers. You can also ask questions in the comments if you like!

All questions asked by Sunday afternoon will be answered on Monday on this blog.

Merl's Giveaway

I felt I'd be remiss if I didn't let you know Merl of Clyde's Rebirth is doing a giveaway in celebration of her new lookbook!

I won't be entering because I don't use Google Friend Connect (I don't know what it is!) or Bloglovin (it drives me *insane* that they host everyone's content and you can't get to the original blog link from their feeds). But, more chances for you, I guess! This is just a straight-up support-an-indie-designer plug, and not a self-serving giveaway entry!


Yellow Typewriters, Not That Versatile

If you're looking for the post where I wear a lot of plaid and layer with some basic pieces I just bought, it is your lucky day. Wait no more; your ship has come in.

I wanted a few long cardigans to wear with dresses and I attained these with smashing success this weekend during Strategic Shopping - below are my 2 neutral kind-of-boring yet effective victories. Huzzah!

I wore this to: go to work; work late; dinner @ bf's house; wear home the next morning

- gray cardigan via target
- kimchi and blue dress via seattle buffalo
- flats, payless

I wore this to: go to the library; not enjoy my day; walk over the Brooklyn Bridge; eat at Mr. Wonton

- sweatervest via daffys (weird!)
- dress from Erin/Artist Erin/Both Yellow Animals Erin
- leggings via h&m
- flats, payless

I won't bother explaining it but I will tell you that I pinned a braid up into a modified updo and was smugly satisfied that I put my hair up expediently and suitably for public consumption. Take that, elaborate internet tutorials about braiding.

I did actually look around for a necklace with a pendant of some sort of color to help out the layered look but alas, I only have a yellow typewriter necklace which did not go with either. I originally thought the yellow typewriter would go with everything. "What could be more versatile than a yellow typewriter drawing hanging around my neck?" A necklace panacea. Wrong-o.

So, I'm currently in the market for:

a) a necklace with some color that's not a yellow typewriter because I've got that one covered already

b) a cotton or synthetic (just...vegan, really) grandpa sweater and by grandpa cardigan I mean roll-collar and some pockets stuffed with Werther's (Kidding. Werther's aren't vegan.)


My Appetitie for Band Gossip

The best laid plans.

I stopped at the library to get my books on hold (I decided to read the Eudora Welty bibliography in chronological order last week and the first 2 had come in) -- and saw this while on line.

How could I not pick that up? 28 ODs.


Hail Face

I wore this to: go to work on a sunny day; get off the subway at 9:30pm planning to briskly walk home in the rain to barely make it 10 steps before hail pelted me in the face, making it impossible to see (and it stings!), forcing me to run back to the subway station and get stuck soaking wet with a bunch of strangers for 20 minutes

hail in my face
- aa shirt
- vintage skirt via meshimar consignment
- payless flats

I think this is the first time I've been scared straight by Mother Nature. I had no idea what being pelted with hail feels like 'til now. "Why do my eyes sting, I can't see and apples are falling on me?" (My subway stop isn't near any trees but I guess these are the connections my brain makes in moments of crisis.) It wasn't 'til I was down the subway stairs with dozens of ice cubes hot on my trail that I realized I was being Whack-a-Moled by hail. New Yorkers, I hope you fared better than I did.

This skirt is a new addition as of this weekend, from a local consignment store. In case you didn't notice, it's almost to my knees! Work ahoy! I don't usually post how much I paid for stuff because who cares? But it was approximately the price of a movie.

Also I've decided I'm taking all daily pictures with my sunglasses on because I can't seem to not blink or grimace in every other picture and this will at least remedy the blinking.

Shopping Machine

I wore this to: go to the vet's office; go to my friend's book signing at a book seller that had a book bound in human skin (I didn't see it myself, thankfully) and talked to a bunch of strangers; then dinner at Candle 79 with book-signing friend and others

let's pretend these aren't flowers
h&m dress
maggies organics tights
neuaura shoes via mooshoes

The pattern is actually floral, which I usually avoid.
But I can handle very-stylized flowers:

Saturday I headed out to Queens (New York!) to scour their thrift stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army) for some stuff on my list including work-related items, the zenith of the list being fitted trousers. My thriftiness ended there, friends. We decided to stop by Queens Mall since we were already in the area. And how often am I am Queens?

I basically spent from noon - 9pm shopping, traveling to shopping destinations or eating to fuel shopping. Which is either really funny or incredibly lame? It reminds me of Ab Fab. Or the Dead Kennedys? ("Buy buy buy from Circle A, like hula hoops it's a disposable craze, a fast food fad to throw away...") Even though that's about punk fashion ("...it's Anarchy, for sale!").

But I did get mostly "list items" and used magnificent judgment. I left many many tried-on items behind due to fit, price or material quality (*cough* Tucker for Target).

I think my shopping total was around $100, which isn't too bad for 4 stores and 6 articles of clothing, 3 belts and a purse.

Sunday was less shopping-obsessive. I met up with a fiend (dumbest typo!) friend to shoot the s--- over magazines @ B&N, eat lunch (vegan cuban), and then came home and watched Kiki's Delivery Service. I watched the English version because I wanted to hear Phil Hartman as the black cat but I wouldn't recommend it - subtitles would have been better instead.


Summer Peoples, Rage, Work Attire

Summer Peoples, I feel your pain. I am not relishing jackets and the like but here we are. Fall.

"F you in the face, Fall.
I will shank you."
- scarflette via Etsy
- plaid trench, Roxy
- Cheap Monday jeans
- Payless flats

I have no idea why I look so damn pissed but I think it's funny. PIST! Actually, there are many many real reasons to be pissed off these days -

- the Tyler Clementi case {links to Love is the Slug}
- the whole I Let Your 4 Pets Die Because You Didn't Pay the Fire Dept $75 case

Really really really f-ing pissed. Almost uncontrollable rage, actually. Barely controllable. I am so tempted to hate people. That entire fire dept - malicious. And I'm curious to see where the hate crimes charges go with the Clementi case.

I understand there will always be suffering in the world but to let things like this happen is inexcusable.

We should all be extra nice to people today. And tomorrow.



In blog la-la land, I decided, since I'm apparently in my 2nd year of posting here, to see what I was doing last year in October. (My best guess: complaining.) Turns out I was trying to figure out how to layer. Again. It's something I have to relearn each fall/winter and I appreciate any modicum of layering success I have.

I have been feeling lacking in the work attire area lately so I made the mistake of stopping in H&M on the way home. Working near Herald Square - mostly a curse. I settled on one single black-based floral print dress (and a pair of black leggings for layering times).

And this, from way back when (last week) leggings as layering options weren't even a thought in my head.

I wore this to: get a massage; eat lunch at Whole Foods; meet about a committee; hair cut & dye; see boyfriend's friend's band/going away show

- old Old Navy shirt
- AA skirt
- vintage bag
- shoes via endless.com vegetarian section


More importantly...the hug chain

More important than boots...my lap come fall:

Orko hugs O'Tim on my lap, who hugs Ollie

The fact that O'Tim sits on my lap at all is amazing - he was dumped on me, sick and borderline feral, and I couldn't touch him for over a year. It wasn't 'til year 3 that he really started to come around. We're now in year 6 or so and he's still improving!

I am now $140 poorer

Hearts of Darkness/Cri de Coeur Fall 2010.

I am not allowed in any more stores. Ever. At least it's supporting a vegan brand.

And I didn't have any flat black boots. /justification