Will I resort to BioKing?

I don't get sick often, but I do get knocked out by allergies pretty frequently (or lady-times issues). It's like my body did a trade-off. Okay, you can have a good immune system but only if it will be tested monthly...oh, and every spring and fall. I would rather have ailments that have an arc and a decided ending, rather than just "whenever the allergen goes away...ya know...whenever".

I just saw this D*S post about DIY seasonal allergy remedies.

Since my Zyrtec isn't working on my tree allergies, I might have to branch out to BioKing (of the NE Regional variety).

I'm actually on my way home sick from work to nap. LAME.


  1. Hey, I am a big allergy sufferer, too I think most homeopathic stuff doesn't work unless you go to a practioner and they can figure out your whole situation.
    Which is why I am going to totally plug community acupuncture. I go to one in Greenpoint (a more direct train for me) but I know there is a reputable one in the slope/gowanus area. $15-35 sliding fee.
    I can't promise, but I can say with good confidence, that this will be better than Zyrtec.

  2. Thank you! I actually have gone to an allergist and I know I'm allergic to trees and dust. I've narrowed that down to storage mite dust (books vs housedust). Aside from allergy shots, I didn't know there was anything else I can try (and you don't see the benefit of that right away and have to go for several years, weekly). I am willing to try accupuncture!

  3. I still have itchy eyes occasionally, but my general level of misery is much lower this fall than usual. I also go there for general stress relief. I am a big fan.
    Let me know how it goes. http://www.brooklynacupunctureproject.com/


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