When Neutral Staples Are Boring

I have a few pencil skirts in my closet. They always seem like a good idea and then when I put them on it's like wow, this is even more boring than my other clothes. But when I see them on other people I'm always like, "Wow, pencil skirts are so great!"

So I took a stroll through my flickr favorites (mostly outfits, cats and food- the 3 loves of my life) to check out how awesome girls wear their pencil skirts.

Exhibit A - Hannah Karina
Exhibit B - Elaine of Clothed Much
Exhibit C - Mamuska Marie
Exhibit D - Mousevox Vintage

Seems like I liked pencil skirts paired with some structured button-down shirt on top (Exhibit C being the outlier). So I picked out one of my most exaggerated structured button-downs. And it turns out I did like it better than the plain jersey shirts I'd paired it with in the past.

I wore this to: work late

Gray skirt
shirt/tween store in Bklyn
belt/swap loaner
pencil skirt/Queens goodwill

Do you do any staples a horrible disservice by pairing them with the wrong thing? Any winning pairings of {insert your favorite staple} + {other thing}?


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