This weekend was suitably fun.

Friday night was supposed to be fun because it was some comedy thing but unfortunately it was the opposite of funny for the most part. It was like they polled my grandparents for comics that my 16 year-old cousin would think were funny. If that was the plan - success!

Saturday I dressed like a hobo to go paint a mural (about spay/neuter). And ate Mexican food.

Sunday (today) I met up with my friend S to go to some resale shops (Black Bear, Guvnor, Beacons). I sold a few things and got a bag (below) and a fall/winter skirt (office-appropriate length). The thing I really like about Guvnor is that they'll do alterations on the spot - my high-waisted skirt was a smidge too tight and they adjusted the button right there and then.

I also tried to talk some young guy with an intact male pit and a pit puppy to fix his pitties. Turns out he breeds 1 litter each generation and seemed sold on that idea so I asked him to think about at least fixing the puppies before he gives them away. So many pits die in city shelters - it's just so sucky. I sometimes try to talk to intact pit owners but once some guy told me "not to f@$kn' smile" at his dogs "unless you plan to buy one". Hey now. So I have to be in the mood for a possible f-off when I start those conversations or I don't start them.

shirt/ON, years ago
flats/endless vegetarian section
bag/Guvnor Vintage

I also just started a new blog called Assembly Food so I can catalog all the lazy and lunchbox-y stuff I like to eat.


  1. Pit bulls. Too bad so often the owners are what gives the breed a bad name. There has been talk over our way (for years) of banning the breed altogether. Due to so many violent incidents involving them. I think the UK has done this? I'm not sure as to the success of it, as of course there are mixed breeds huh, it must be difficult to police. i do like me a good carpet bag.

  2. Yeah, that is called BSL (breed specific legislation) and it doesn't actually work.

    There is some info on it here:


    Specifically this info from the first link!

    BSL Is Not The Answer:

    While it is quite obvious that there is a problem in some communities
    regarding loose dogs harrassing/attacking people, criminal activity
    involving the use of dogs, and dog attacks in general, BSL fails to reduce
    the occurance of these problems because it fails to address the root
    cause: people. BSL doesn't work because it is purely predjudicial in
    nature. Instead of punishing owners who are irresponsible and criminals
    who use dogs for illegal purposes, the legislation targets dogs for simply
    existing, and people's rights to own the breed of dog they so choose.

    BSL is also largely based on misinformation and truth-twisting, its authors
    citing the "inherent viciousness" of certain dog breeds as plenty reason to
    outlaw even those dogs that have never acted in a criminal fashion. Bite
    statistics are also used as justification since "pit bulls" often top such lists.
    Of course, no breed is inherently vicious, and the accuracy of bite stats are
    suspect as best.

    BSL doesn't work because...

    1) Current laws are barely enforced. New laws are going to be heaped on
    top of old ones, for what purpose? Take something as simple as the leash
    law. It is not very often enforced. Leashes save lives, they prevent dog
    bites and attacks. It is a simple, yet extremely effective means of
    lessening dog problems. The blatant disregard for leash laws is not
    something that should be allowed to go on.

    2) BSL takes time, money and man-power to enforce. The responsibility for
    the enforcement of laws falls on Animal Control and sheltering systems.
    These are agencies that are already dealing with massive surpluses of
    animals, more calls than they can sometimes handle. Now they are being
    forced to deal with the additional weight BSL dumps on their shoulders.

    3) BSL is prejudiced in nature. It punishes dogs and owners who have
    done nothing wrong. It is discriminatory against people who choose to
    own a particular breed of dog.

    4) All dogs bite. All dogs can inflict harm. There is no scientific study to
    prove that one breed of dog bites more or causes more injury than any
    other breed of dog. There have been cases of tiny dogs, under 20 pounds
    killing or seriously injuring children.

    5) If Pit Bulls and similar breeds are outlawed or severely restricted, one
    of two things happen: criminals and irresponsible owners will continue to
    get their hands on the dogs and simply ignore laws, or they will turn to
    other breeds to suit their purposes.

    Alternatives to Breed Specific Legislation:

    1) Enforcement of generic dangerous dog laws, laws that hold owners
    accountable for the actions of their dogs regardless of breed.

    2) Enforcement of leash laws. Let's be real strict about this. Tickets should
    be handed out like candy to individuals who disobey this law. Fine owners
    who let their dogs run loose or fail to keep them in enclosures that they
    cannot escape from. Let's have a 3-strikes and you're out law for people
    who refuse to keep their dogs under control. Use the money collected
    from these fines to fund community dog safety and responsible ownership

    3) Stop making excuses for animal cruelty, neglect, and irresponsible
    ownership. There need to be huge fines for those involved in any
    inhumane or irresponsible activity with animals.

  3. Oh! And I will amend this for 2 things:

    1) Re the enforcement of dangerous dogs laws -- my understanding is that a lot of times the agencies who need to do this are afraid of the dog-owners so they prefer a blanket law that no one is to have pits, rather than single out the most dangerous dogs and their owners.

    2) There have been a few studies re bite stats that show smaller dogs are more likely to bite with, I think, dachshunds and chihuauas.

  4. Thanks for that! It confirmed my own opinions about the matter. My son is TERRIFIED of dogs, why? Because he has been nipped twice by Jack Russels (tiny little yappy terrier like dogs); the dogs were loose on the school grounds which is not allowed. Owners fault! BSL is the same as any prohibition, where there is a market for the illegal whatever...it will be sought and found. Anyway, I will rant on about this so will stop now, and thanks again for the links.


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