While I scheduled posts from Friday > Monday, I was actually in Cape May with my boyfriend and his family. No outfit pictures! 1 beach picture, where you can only slightly see my leg tanning disparity:

Cape May

A lot of neat things happened:

  • I rode a bike on a real road, next to cars (really slowly, in a tourist town where they watch for bikes and in between 2 people!)
  • saw bunnies on a nature walk
  • saw a lot of butterflies on a nature walk
  • sat on the beach and saw dolphins
  • met 2 dogs and a puppy
I am also glad to be home with my cats again. And the more I look at my closet the more I wish it was so simple. I wish I just had 20 black dresses I love, to wear year-round. I wonder if I'd just be bored then?


  1. I make the same LBD wish almost every day since I first heard about The Uniform Project. If I could do it like Sheena, I'd never get bored.


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