"We Have Baby Jesus Clothes Sale"/Thoughtful Posts

While I have a few things to blog about later* I don't have any weekend outfit pictures as I spent a lot my weekend low-key (besides having to call an ambulance for a drunk guy), doing things like watching My Neighbor Totoro on a rainy afternoon.

I just wanted to ensure everyone saw these interesting posts:

1) Interrobangs Anonymous: Gender Roles in Fashion Blogging

2) The Girl Who Married a Bear: How Soon is Now?, in response to The Waves' On the Shopping of Others

3) Grit & Glamour's round up of the IFB/Evolving Influence conference web-spy sites

That's how I like my blogs - from the heart, via the brain.

non-sequitur but much-appreciated photo
we have baby jesus clothes

* FNO Sustainable Fashion Workshop & Panel and a Phytoremediation Workshop


  1. Thank you for the link, and holy moses, what on earth are Baby Jesus clothes? I don't think I want to know...

  2. Why the colon between baby and Jesus is what i wanna know.


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