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A emailed me last week to ask if I wanted to go to the Jezebel's rooftop swap - the only swap I've been to with free drinks and crudite. Those Gawker folks have a nice office and an enviable roof deck, which you can see in the pictures at that link. I got a few things -- a few monochrome Jesse-like things.

I wore this to: work; attend the Jezzie swap; eat a pb/pickle sandwich at Peanut Butter & Co.; stop at Forbidden Planet (where the picture was taken) and then at Best Buy to gaze at gigantor televisions I won't ever buy

striped dress/aa
cardigan/dept store

Props go to Fourth Street Payphone for giving me the idea to layer this AA dress (too body con without tights) with an a-line/full skirt.

Also, pickles and peanut butter sandwich! YES! Best idea. The Peanut Butter & Co. execution wasn't awesome, sadly, since I'd always meant to go there (PB! uber alles!), but had never made it. I was only inspired to go because I could get a jar of their special PB for free if I bought a sandwich. And they have a bunch of flavored PB but I was like, "I am going to be the sad vegan stuck with the plain jane PB" and also "Woe".

But! All their special PBs but 1 are vegan! Certified vegan! Even the white chocolate one! (Tracy Flick-style) YES! I ended up getting the Maple Syrup one. It has a monkey on it!

Then we went to Forbidden Planet where I made dudes who were leering at titty-laden Anime figurines uncomfortable by pretending to be really interested in the same display case. It's rare that I get to do that but I do love it.


  1. Thanks! It looks so cute on you. I love that skirt.
    I need to get that PB...white chocolate???!


  2. hehe"titty laden" : )

    The Maple pB sounds really good! Inspired by your pb & pickle sammich. I made a pb pizza tonight w/ daiya cheese & olives. Also - I bought pickles to try. I LOVEs me some PB so trying new pb combos is always fun.

    Your outfit is super cute - and layering the 'body-con' dress like that is such a great idea! : )

  3. Ooooh good call on the layering, I like it...well I especially like the skirt, I keep eyeing it! I think its the cute little fullness of it, I'd probably try to twirl around to make it flair out and then I'd trip and well it would all be downhill from there.
    Gah! I love the PB company! sooooo tasty! I went there, well shoot, almost a year ago-i need to get back!

    Ok, girl gang stuff--definitely we have an open casting...we came up with the idea to have a monthly meeting at the end of each month and induct the new members that have hung out with us that month and that we find to be cool...i'm pretty certain you're worthy. So all you gotta do is start hitting me up to hang out--our first inductee meeting will be sometime late Oct. since we're just getting started.
    I'm around almost every weekend, and Idee_geniale lives in your hood whom Im usually running around with...so let's make this happen so you can take on the mean streets of bklyn with a girl gang!! YEA! Just start thinking of a clever name for yourself (I'm Joan Threat...basically because I want to be a blonde joan jett-haha) and I'll invite you to the next gang related thing we do!


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