I know I told you recently that "gearing up for fall grosses me out" because "the idea that a season is causing (and always causes) a media wide-on is making me ralph in my mouth a little" and I still sort of mean it but this fall-frontal effort by you, internette, and the world in general has now made me look at boots. Dang you!

I'm still in the not-buying-it boat 'til December* but I can look. And make a wish list for December.

I want a pair of dressy but flat black boots:

I still love these (We Who See Fringe Boot). Are these dressy enough for skirts? For work?

(UO photo)

I like the Marais Chelsea boot on the models but I can't see it being that versatile for shorties, and not really all that dressy:

(Marais photos)

About 2 years ago I had wished that the cowboy-chelsea boot of the late '80s would come back but I guess these are good enough. And now that I'm thinking about it, I just got rid of my Veg Shoe UK Chelsea boots last year.

And, at a similar ankle height, I already have these:

And I barely wear them, if my photostream don't lie. And it don't.

I have a few pair of Madden heeled boots from last year but heels are such a drag. I enjoy the way they look at times but sometimes I feel like they look like trying-too-hard. And I like the freedom of unrestricted movement. ("You're motoring! What's your price for flight?") On a total downer note, alarmisism aside, heels also remind me of Karen Finley's Montecito. Pro- and anti-heel feminists, that's a conversation for another day. {Insert "Free to Fight" nostalgia here!}

On a cheerier note, I dig these Dolce Vitas but they're leather. Like Fryes, Dolce Vitas can never cut a vegan a break. Jerks.

* If by "not-buying-it boat until December" you mean the 2 dresses I bought in Seattle and the 3 vintage pins I bought in Seattle and Brooklyn at Under the Pig. And that is exactly what I mean.


  1. Ugh. I love real western boots but realizing all saddle/western shops probably only have leather choices depresses me as well. I hope you find something because that style is classic.

  2. Gah* what bugs me is that fall looks and such and lookbooks and what have you all come out mid-summer. geeze louise it's like you never get to enjoy a season because the next one's style are always being pushed on you! I try not to pay attention to that stuff. Which is maybe, easier to do in CA whereas I remember fall in new england meant buying winter coats and sweaters and shoes and stuff for the cold that will inevitably come.

    Boots are a good purchase though-provided you do get a classic versatile pair that will last you.

  3. Hi - I love your blog and couldn't stop myself from commenting. I LOVE (love love love) the Marais Chelsea boot. I have it in black and it's perfect with skirts and tights. So comfortable but just enough stomp to feel porfessional and/or bad-ass.

  4. I know what you mean. All this autumn fashion bonanza is making me lose my mind. There is no escaping it!

    I like the We Who See boots. (I've been looking at those for a while, too, but with the shopping ban they are out of the question for me.) Not sure about the Marais Chelsea boots though. They look great but my guess is that unless you have really small feet, they'll end up looking like canoes (says me, BigFoot).


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