Shoes, a non-negotiable.

I am pretty useless when it comes to a shopping ban. I caved for 2 sets of items. First, shoes. My flats have tanked and I don't have any comfortable and utilitarian walking shoes. And I live up a giant hill and walk around Manhattan/Brooklyn all day. Like a nomad. Comfortable flats are a non-negotiable. (Shopping ban or not.)

So I got a pair of $13 plain black flats at Payless (I expect a month or 2 out of them) and these, which look more gray-brown in real life. I know this because I polled customers in the store as to what color they thought the shoes were. Seriously.

And at least they're organic cotton and recycled rubber outsoles.

What's the 2nd set of items I caved for? The optional stuff - jewelry. More on that later.


  1. Those are keeeeee-ute. I want them. If you lived here where prices are astronomical it would be much easier to keep to a shopping ban. Trust me, I just finished my holiday in Australia and went totally nuts there buying for my kids summer wardrobes (they outgrow things FAST right now) was so much cheaper even with the currency conversion. Loooong comment i know.

  2. If you need something, you can't very well ban yourself from buying it! And the flats are cute, may your short time together take you to fun and interesting places.

    Chic on the Cheap


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