A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing?

I came across this post over at Thrifty Fashionista -- it's about a store, Spring, that has primarily non-leather stuff but seems to be advertising as if it has leather stuff. Even though there is a market for non-leather stuff. It would be so much easier if they just labeled it correctly!

Some of their flats are quite cute (for when I need to replace my NYC-sidewalks well-worn flats):

And I'm running into confused vendors a lot lately. Especially on Etsy.

Like this confusing entry featuring "leather and vegan boots". Say what?

I won't wear leather because I'm vegan, and this kind of stuff is a giant pain in the a$$. I've actually messaged a few sellers who were using the "vegan" tag for non-vegan items in the past and they've adjusted their listings but who has the energy to be the Vegan Police?

I know I'm not the "everyday" consumer but I am disappointed when vendors who would cater to my type, try to make it look otherwise. And vendors who try to cater to my type just do it wrong.