Rub it on. Roll it on.

I've seen Pacifica stuff around in the past but never gave it much thought, even though I always really like the idea of solid perfume. (L'Occitane's Grapefruit Citron was once my daily smell.)

When in the Portland Whole Foods, the Pacifica stuff was labeled "local" so I gave it the ol' once-over. And lo and behold -- all of Pacifica's stuff is vegan. And I can stand at least 2 of the scents. In fact, I like them. (One of them being the Tuscan Blood Orange.)


If you like to roll stuff on yourself, instead of rub stuff on yourself, you're in business. They're coming out with roll-on perfumes as well. {*Edited: I tried the roll-on version of the scent I have and like and it was god-awful. Roll-on at your peril.}

Are you still wondering how and where they're "local"? Me too. With food that means a 100-500 mile range (or less). It turns out that for Pacifica, local didn't necessarily mean a mile-range for sourced materials, but production and working with local businesses. You can read about their environmental commitment at that link.

Besides Whole Foods, you can find them here, and they have a blog and do giveaways. I hope you get lucky.


  1. Oooh, I love solid perfumes! So good for travel.

  2. good to know. i love LOVE their packaging so now that i know their vegan I'm Sold :).

  3. Wow...I've seen they're stuff before (bought some as a gift actually) and had no idea. Cool!

    And thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Hello there...thanks for stopping by G&G! You have a lovely blog. I'm such a fan of ad-free.

    ♥ V


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