No Sew, No Color

Remember back in March when I thought I'd take sewing lessons from the seamstress I've worked with before?

I had the best intentions, really. But what I didn't ever have was time. I just don't have the time for it - I barely get to see my friends on the regular due to other commitments (work, more work, coop, community garden, etc.) so I just can't justify knocking out hours to hunker down and sew when I barely enjoy it.

I've contacted the seamstress again to try to get the ball rolling re these dresses.

I figure if I can get 2-3 of the long-sleeve version and 2 of the short sleeve version, at work-appropriate length, that will be pretty good.

What colors should I go for? I want them to be neutral so I can wear them often enough and they're not easily recognizable.

And by "color" you know I mean:
  • black
  • gray
  • navy
  • eggplant

Because while a lot of other people wear color and want to wear color, I don't. I don't aspire to color. Period. I'm not going to do a challenge on it. I've tried it and I think it looks stupid and uncharacteristic on me. I do not favor it.

I think, at worst, on me it reminds me of soccer moms.

At best it looks nice on other people but my heart just isn't in it for me. I can wear some deeper colors - eggplant, teal -- sometimes.

I love classic black and gray. I like that it's serious and simple.
I totally understand other people feel better in color and honestly, I hate it on me. I don't think it's flattering. In color I feel...suburban? It reminds me of Becky on Roseanne. Sixx on Blossom. It feels incredibly premeditated and...wrong for me.

I think I resent that people insist color is necessary to dress well. I don't think it is and I've seen plenty of poorly dressed people in color. Personally, I think my blocks at dressing well are fit and accessorizing.

Anyway, good luck with your neon trends next season, y'all! I look forward to them...on you!

Let me know what neutral dresses you think would help build my perfect uniform wardrobe.


  1. I hear you 100%. I also try to wear color. And occasionally I do. But there is something that is very "LOOK AT ME" about colors that I find uncomfortable. But I love it on others. (Just like I don't do bare shoulders, ever, even though I think mine are nice. They're not for public consumption). I take baby steps though, with belts, scarves, and shoes, and I have incorporated "earth tone" neutrals. But that's adventurous as I'm gonna get. Maybe neutrals are safe, but I think they can be fun.
    I always think you look pretty awesome, limited color palette and all. I would like to give a small vote to army green, although I don't think I've seen you wear it. It matches well with navy blue, gray, and black, and it's a neutral. Would you be comfortable in a neutral green?
    I do like Becky on Roseanne, though.

  2. hahah, i totally agree. i am so not a colour freak. i was just thinking that today... suddenly i've got loads of deep army green and burgundy.... which is working well because i can mix it easily in with my normal staples (black, navy, grey and white) haha. geeze. talk about boring, but it's what i like. i'd say to go for something just a wee bit different - my current obsessions deep army green and a deep burgundy. they would be so useful for the autumn. xx

  3. What about brown? As in dark brown, or a really dark, deep red? Those are pretty warm tones i suppose.. so if you are not a warm coloured person...what about royal blue? Too bright? Then again you always look friggin awesome anyway, so you could always stick with what colours you like.

  4. hmmm what about stripes? or a flesh tone color?

    It's a fun dress no matter what! I would probably go with gray or eggplant, you dont have to go neon, maybe a deep purple/magenta!

  5. Excuse me for the following rude comment...


    We will now resume with our normally friendly and somewhat witty merl commentary.

    Lady.. you were born to wear patterns. I'm not talking psychedelic might be talking to shrooms waves. But c'mon! With your gorgeous olive coloring, intricate ink and dark locks, you can pull off so many amazing patterns. PLUS I've recently found that layering the so called 'boring' pencil skirts over a more voluminous full or pleated skirt gives the most delicious lower peplum detail to your ensemble. You'll see later on in my lookbook [shameless plug i know].. but honestly.. I think you can invest in a few high quality go to solids in classic black and grey.. but maybe punch things up with a b&w graphic print... that's my fiddy cents and I'm sticking to it.

  6. What about off white, like cream? I always think that looks nice with other neutrals.

    Lately I've been sort of against color myself. I have been noticing all these middle aged ladies suddenly reverting to 4 year olds and dressing in colors and prints more suitable for toddlers. I tend to think that as you get older, you need to tone it down a bit. Not that you're old...I'm just anti-clown look.

  7. I'm wondering what kinds of fabric you're considering- that pattern looks like you want something with a fair amount of drape to it, and for winter you'd look scrumptious in a lightweight wool blend, and that could include a very subtle woven pattern in transitional colors- I'm imagining a nice black and brown fine herringbone, for example. And I think I'd do more short sleeves than long- you like to layer and with thin arms you can easily put a long sleeve T or blouse under or a thick chunky sweater on top. And brown tights! and tall boots! (Wait, let me write this down, I think I know what to wear tomorrow...)

  8. I am the total opposite, I try to do blacks and greys or neutrals and I just look like I got into someone else's closet to play dress-up. I think it would be pretty if you did the short sleeve one in dark grey, but with light grey buttons! And anything navy is a yes!

  9. eggplant or navy would be nice b/c they work well with other neutrals (brown, tan, grey, black).

    i am like future lint, all grey and black outfits, which i find commendable and chic, make me feel like i am wearing someone elses' clothes. i'd like to be able to pull that look off but i always feel out of place.


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