My Kingdom for a Skirt!

Need longer skirts! Stat!

I wore this to: work; attend awards luncheon; see a bunch of pictures after luncheon that show more of my thigh when I'm sitting with my coworkers than I want to remember

still too short
- sunglasses BJohnson, stoop sale
- vintage dress, hemmed, via Brooklyn Flea
- vintage American Flyer bag via Guvnor Vintage
- flats, Payless

Sadly, I wore that dress because I thought it was a safe length. Dang!

I wore this to: work; shop @ food co-op (wore it loose with jeans later)

New Shirt, New Pounds
- Marc Jacobs cotton shirt via Beacons
- vintage YSL skirt via Beacons
- flats, Payless

This skirt used to be one of my favorites but it, and another pencil skirt I own, now fit wonky. I weighed myself and I didn't gain more than a few pounds (if that) but that's all it takes, I guess. (Oh, if I could give the finger to skirts.) So, that means even less longer-skirts around. But I do like that new shirt. It's black cotton with embellishments (that ruffle is on both the front and back) and looks fine sloppily untucked, too.

I wore this to: be lazy (I didn't want to deal with skirts for work)

Little Biba
- h&m shirt via Beacons
- pants, Target
- flats, Payless


  1. Skirts are tricky if you're petite. I got lucky with a few pencil skirts I got at Banana Republic after college waaay back when I was first interviewing for jobs- they have lasted though, and they go with lots. That vintage dress rocks though! : )

  2. your first issue is why I'm as giddy as a school girl that it's cold enough to wear tights. unlike the coasties roaming all over campus in leggings, a northface jacket and moccasins, I wear my tights as actual tights and not pants. Buuut they are a godsend when my dress is nearing scandalous territory.

  3. haha, I have few skirts and dresses I was wearing in the winter with tights and felt fine about wearing them to work, but this summer when I wore them, I felt a bit inappropriate... But it's okay, the print is adorable and you can wear it more in the winter!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Oooh, doesn't it suck how tiny amounts of weight can throw off your wardrobe? I've been gaining and losing and gaining and losing since my break up, so I know how it goes.

    You look great, though!

  5. i love the simple shape created in your second outfit - bummer about the skirt... that is annoying. i still love the silhouette though. xx

  6. I love that vintage dress as well! Very nice.


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