My Finnish Impersonation

This was an outfit from earlier. You know, the day I decided DIY straight-across bangs were a great look with glasses and a low-pony.

It manifested a contrived awkwardness only to be surpassed by
Hel Looks subjects employing the same tactics. Except theirs was voluntary and mine was involuntary.

For the record, this dress is a lady-like work-okay length.

dress/gift from L
belt/kimchi & blue via crossroads

My flats were finally so ganked (the linings were coming out) that I forced myself to throw them in the trash. RIP black flats. And also pink flats, too.


  1. cute picture, love the dress. I ruined two pairs of shoes in NY and I was only there 6 days!

  2. Gank is a word I am going to have to use in relation to my black canvas flats.


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