Money Shot

This is my monthly post where I weigh in on what the hell I did with my money - for September! Last month I did poorly (-$300+).

This month I'm -$310, which is partly stuff I bought for the apartment, a massage and some clothes! So much for a shopping ban. Which means only about 35% of what I meant to save is going to be saved. Boo.

My new savings ticker. I do save each month but my Evil Twin decides that I can take money out of that savings to cover other stuff I "need". If I manage to not do that, this will hit 100% (right now I'm at 44%). If I fail, it won't. Go, Green Pig, go! (Although once I take the 35% thingie up there and apply it here, I won't be doing so well.)

I guess the upside is that I'm still saving - I have an emergency fund and subaccounts for stuff I know I'll need (gifts, vetting, donations, etc.). Just not as much as I want to be saving.


  1. Saving is excellent, excellent, excellent. I'll try to keep you on track (By which I mean, I'll post encouraging comments!) and you can do the same for me!

  2. Any saving is good! Well done! In other news, I totally and obviously must watch Pet Sematary again!


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