(Jackrabbit) Jewelry: a want

I mentioned earlier that I'd transgressed yet again on ye ol' shopping ban reduction. If you're keeping count, I've purchased something every single month of the ban, although way less than I normally would. And if you're keeping count, you're insane and weird. Just sayin'.

Transgressions included:
- bathing suit (needed) $20
- 2 dresses (wants but good picks; on vacation) $50
- 1 belt (want but good pick; on vacation) $10
- 2 necklaces (wants but okay picks; on vacation) $40
- 2 pairs of flats (needs) $50

All told it was $170 or so and they are all items I'll use (although I haven't figured out what to do with this chunky Vivienne Westwood necklace yet - I'm thinking it'll look better over knits).

And I have another one to add:

photo by odette

I purchased a silver jackrabbit necklace on sale from odette at the Fashions Night Out: Sustainable Fashion Workshop & Panel. And I'm not sorry. I was there to learn about and support local and sustainable fashion.

I had been eying the odette necklaces ever since Jennifer did a class featured on Lena Corwin's blog. It's a great size, I can change the charm to a shorter or longer chain and I was happy to support a local business (and it was on sale for $80).


  1. Very cute necklace, i like it alot. I think if you buy stuff that ARE wants and then wear them heaps...then who is to say they weren't NEEDS afterall?

  2. I think the necklace is adorable, and a great buy. Shopping bans are helpful, because the force you to consider what you are buying and why.

    If you decide something is a worthwhile purchase, then there is nothing wrong with buying it.

    Chic on the Cheap


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