I hemorrhage money

It has been a long time since I bored you with $. Somehow, even though I'm not buying clothes, I am mf $300+ over budget. Between IKEA, the electrician and overspending on food (both groceries and eating out) -- I guess it is what it is? But son of a bish! And I have more IKEA to buy to get the apt organized. Sorry, anorexic Savings Account!

I was lucky enough to win an employee recognition award at work that comes with a cash reward so I spent part of it on an Electrolux green vacuum and will be spending the rest of it on a camera that wasn't made in 2004. Please ignore that I haven't yet gotten the money -- I know I will.

Right after I got my new vacuum, my boyfriend sent me this!

Henry, the tiny cute vac made for pet hair

Henry! !!! Unfortunately the closest distributor is in Ontario (man, those Canadians are always too cool) so I won't be getting him any time soon. Maybe as my next vacuum.