Godspeed, Clothes-Lover

All dressed up with someplace to go
photo by MacRonin47

FASHION WEEK: You'll suspect I'm not a Fashion Week-person. I like seeing one set of pictures at the end but won't read the 7 million blog posts related to them. In Blogland, this topic takes the redundancy cake. The shows look fun but difficult to transition to everyday life.

FASHION'S NIGHT OUT: RSVP'd for Textile Art Center/Ecouterre's Fashion's Night Out event, which focuses on sustainable fashion (both the workshop and the panel). Applicable for real-life? Sure hope so.

IFB'S EVOLVING INFLUENCE: I decided not to register for IFB's Evolving Influence. I *heart* IFB and the content that is produced for/funneled through IFB but half the conference didn't apply to me (I don't want to make cash blogging and I don't want a career out of it). I do love that Jennine writes things like The IFB Fair Compensation Manifesto for that audience, though.

You should be happy I didn't attend - can you imagine my efforts at trying to stir you up into a readership passionate about this blog? (Um, I think we have very different ideas as to why to blog and what a passionate reader is. I thought passionate = dialogue.)

They have live-blogged a lot of it, so you can visit IFB to get whatever you need to build your blogging empire. Godspeed, Clothes-Lover.


  1. thankfully most of the blogs i read don't go on and on about fashion week. though i ADORE the picture above!

  2. I just click "next" 99% of the time when fashion week pictures pop up. Boring the first time - and then regurgitated 20 more times!

  3. First off.. people like you who wear tattoos so well piss me off. Because I would love to get some half sleeves or beautiful up the side art.. but I can't keep my body toned enough to really flaunt it. and I don't care how nice your friends/sig other is, a stretched out flower does NOT look good.

    IFB: great if you wanted to watch inflated egos preen in front of each other. Oh and get a lame can't-even-make-eye-contact reply when I compliment your boots. Suck it bitch, I didn't like them that much anyways... except I did and you made me feel like dirt for daring to compliment them. Oh sorry for being slow to lay down so you could walk on me. Oh by the way, I'm dramatic Merl today in case that wasn't clear.

    I was a little intimidated to leave you a comment. There I said it. When I click back to a blog that's cheerfully angry, I know I have a relateable story to share. At the same time, while I don't have the wherewithal to be as conscientious as you are with food [I'm struggling as a new veggie head right now.. wtf do I eat? I don't like half the vegetables in the recipes I find?!] I love that you support sustainable fashion/jewelry cuz you know.. that's my shtick baby. It's nice to see someone else who doesn't jump on board because it's the newest fad, but because it means something to them. Jealous of your FNO... mine consisted of waiting in line at Madewell listening to 16 year old girls squeal over the celebs they saw so far that night. But the night kind of redeemed itself with a mechanical bull in a bar and walking barefoot on the street. Did I mention my middle name is classy?

    lastly.. this made me snort. "And if you're keeping count, you're insane and weird. Just sayin"


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