Everyone needs a food baby sometime

I ate at Better Burger (soy dog, fries, vegan mayo) earlier in the week and my body was like, "Why, dude?!" I still have a food baby. As you can see from the first picture below I've been super excellent about drinking green smoothies and eating salads every day prior. In fact, as I type this on my work break I'm eating a salad with hearts of palm and kirby cukes. But everyone needs a food baby sometime. I love you, Better Burger! And I don't care who knows it.

Best lazy person dress ever! It has marsupial pockets. Pouch pockets.

I wore this to: work really late

Kimchi & Blue dress/Seattle Buffalo Exch
sandals/resoled Madden
green smoothie/Bitchin' Vitamix

Whipping out the rarely-wears here. This BBW jacket is cute but typically forgotten.

I wore this to: work really late

bbw jacket/bbw store

I am having some not-buying-it issues. Both my blue and black flats have totally tanked -- they ate sh!t. The linings are coming out and they have holes in the heels. But I can't buy anything 'til December! And I've already cheated! I don't want to cheat again. *sigh*

Why can't exactly what I need, and only what I need appear in my closet magically? And why can't there be a number-of-wears measurement on everything I buy so I will know if it's a piece of crap or not?


  1. a "number-of-wears measurement" - would be so AMAZING!
    on Shoes especially- Or someone needs to make super soles for city living. All my shoes die young.

    Are your flats fix-able? While, I am not on a shopping ban - I am trying only to buy what I need- which right now is zip ( phew ) But, I did have a close call moment in Portland when the one of the soles of my oxford flats broke right in half! luckily they were able to be fixed- even if the shoe repair guy looked at me like I was bonkers since the shoes are so worn and the linings are missing!

    haha though in other things- you've got me wanton' a vita mix- since I tried to make a green apple ginger juice - and i had to add water!to it all the juicer didn't extract enough juice- that doesn't seem right..

  2. I don't think they are because the linings are coming out. Maybe I can buy drugstore shoe liners and get a cobbler to fix the soles (which I'll have to argue about - when I asked them to fix my sandals they told me to just buy new ones!). To be fair to them, I've worn my sandals this season and I've noticed they're actually getting some splitting on where the straps meet the sole so I think I got 2 seasons out of them but most likely not any more - those straps are going to break sooner or later.

    But they're Payless fabric flats and there's some wear on the material and some small holes near the heel where the soles wore down.

    I can always ask and see what they say. Eventually I'm going to have to give them the spiel that I'm trying to not buy new and repair what I have.

  3. Oh, also, I totally love my Vitamix. I don't know what I did before I had it!

  4. I am always surprised at how long food babies last. If I have a burrito, I need to wear loose tops for the next three days. But ohhhh, it's worth it.


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