Bringing home the facon, and looking like it, too.

As I mentioned earlier, I've been trying to make more of an effort not to wear mini skirts and t-shirts to work due to me noticing that my work environment is leaning towards conventionally all bidness. Also I've been meaning to adult-it-up anyway so I'm using that as an excuse. I'm an adult; I should be able to handle this. Right?

But what does "work-appropriate" mean? I already told you I don't want to look like I work in Midtown. I'd die. A million deaths. Every morning.

Referencing this post on work-wear from Grit and Glamour, I started to make a mental list. Can I at least get my skirts longer? Most are 5-7" above the knee. And honestly I should upgrade my flats. They're falling apart and I've been avoiding replacing them due to the shopping ban. But that's not really doing me any favors.

So, I started with this:

shirt/aa via beacons
belt/kimchi & blue via crossroads
skirt/brooks bros via goodwill

Sadly, this is one of my longest skirts. I know! Thank American Apparel and the rest of the world who followed suit with 4" skirts. I've been in denial that I've been wearing Barbie clothes for the past few years.

I throw a cardigan on in the office so I wasn't concerned about the bare arms or the seemingly large amount of boobage going on this day. (How is it possible that on some days I look normally endowed but on other days it's like someone pranked me with an inflatable bra?)

But the belt was just too tight for the skirt's waist, creating a nice baggy-hips effect. So I changed.

And then I had this on:

shirt/aa via beacons
skirt/beacons, tailored

I threw on a cardigan for work but this still looked very "summer separates".

This work-appropriate challenge might be more uh, challenging if I'm not shopping. And I'm a little concerned about my orphaned minis (the weekend can only host so many minis).

One thing I will say about not-shopping and thinking about how to manage the mass of clothing I have: it's giving me some clarity as to what I should end up with. As I try to figure out what is actually "work appropriate" yet that doesn't make me want to die (2 years after starting to work here), I'm thinking it'd just be easier if I had a certain number of dresses and a certain number of blouses/longer skirts for appropriate work uniforms.

Given my past Christina Billotte post, I'm thinking I want a bunch of feminine structured dresses, ballerina-type flats and some pencil-skirt or a-line skirt separates to pair with blouses. So, I either need to figure out how to do that with what I have, or start the weed out/amass more process.

Instead of pining for an endless wardrobe, I'm wistful for a known quantity wardrobe.


  1. i really like both outfits for work! i used to work in midtown (corporate job, agh), and it was a nightmare, so i know how hard it can be to maintain your fashion sense while being "appropriate."

  2. I agree with Nico. Thinking about corporate workwear makes me outwardly cringe (and die inside). I always tried not to play it too safe by being a little cheeky. (like crazy shoes, or hair)


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