Big Pants to Fill

Have you guys seen the Esquire piece on pants being larger than advertised?

This graphic they created pretty much says it all. (Larger graphic @ link above.)

Thanks to the Consumerist for posting this.


  1. I was going to write about this in June, when I bought a pair of jeans at Gap. I tried on a pair in 28", and they literally fell off my hips. I ended up buying the jeans in 26"! 26"! I haven't worn 26" since I was a child!

  2. This stuff frustrates me a bit.
    Obviously, necessary for selling, since this has been done in women's sizing forever.
    But I mean - if they are going to do that to men's clothes that actually list measurements, they should just shift to our inferior women's "sizing" using 2, 4, 6, etc.
    Our sizes shift so much, too.
    The fact I can ever squeeze into a 0, 2, or 4 ANYTHING is ridiculous.
    Especially when I try on vintage clothes and only fit into like 12/14.

    Or maybe misrepresenting sizing/measurements is just fine, makes us all feel better about ourselves - so who cares?
    I dunno.

  3. Old Navy is the worst!

    It's problematic that clothing companies keep profiting off of the belief of "smaller (percevied) size = better." It would be great if clothing sizes were accurate, and stores had tailors, and, while we're at it, if clothing was made in the U.S., and price indicated quality.

    Pardon me, I started daydreaming again.


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