You on point, Tip?

(All the time, Phife.)

My mother just posted this on Facebook. (Yes, FB. I will give you e-freaks that FB is an okay social tool but I will never ever give you Twitter as an okay social tool. Ever.)

On point? Oh, right.

How ridiculously currently on-point today is this outfit I'm wearing as a 4 year-old?

me, mom + tights, sandals

- floral button-down
-denim circle skirt
- tights

I could be wearing this today and none of you would bat an eye.


  1. oh and how much does your mother's profile look like yours! Gorgeous photo.

  2. ahahaha toats re: twitter!

    and heck yeah - setting the trends at age 4

    also, your mom's outfit and hair rock!

  3. Aw, you and your mum are so cute! Are you kinda blonde here?
    You do look like your mother, although I can't imagine you wearing white high waisted flares (I'm sure you'd rock them).

  4. So adorable! I love how stiff that little skirt is, and your mom's hair is beautiful.

  5. This is the best, darn cutest, thing I've seen all week! This is awesome...both you and your mom! You're right, you could totally wear that today and it would still be relevant. I'm pretty certain your mom could fit right in too if she looked like that and wore that outfit. Love this!


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