What's with the pants-weather?

I wore this to: work, eat @ mr. wonton, give my bf a haircut

I'm wearing pants, it's officially fall in Jesse-land
- shirt/gap via beacons
- pants/target
- shoes/grasshopper via endless

I'm sure the novelty of wearing pants will wear off quickly. I don't usually do "faces" but this surprised face is me talking to the cats. (Like you're shocked.) The other 2 of my requisite 3-photos showcase my eyelids rather well so this was the winner.

I noticed I don't want as much stuff clothing (this week). And I think it's because of the following reasons:

1) I am still trying to organize my closet. And I'm angry at it. Why is it this much maintenance for such low return? Aren't clothes supposed to be fun? Will I ever be really into any outfits I wear? I don't think I look like a slob but I also don't know if I am in love with the way I'm dressing? It seems lazy. Always. Even if I am trying. It's possible I just can't dress myself. (This is partially why I started this blog - "objective" viewing of how I dress myself.)

2) When I see someone wearing something I like, I've been asking myself if I would wear it or it would suit me. Most of the times I'm happy to admire from afar and not covet - and that's cleared some of the static from my head.

3) The idea of "gearing up for fall" grosses me out. Not that I hate fall/winter wear. Not that I hate the idea of acquiring warm, cute weather-suitable items overall. But the idea that a season is causing (and always causes) a media wide-on is making me ralph in my mouth a little. And I can remember having a wide-on for new seasons in the clothing world to "arrive". And how different is the ready-to-wear that I'd actually wear anyway from winter to winter?

I am going to go postal and commit to the Uniform Project in a minute.

Also today I thought about the cost of an organic broccoli stalk or organic apples vs. what fast-fashion costs per cheap jersey casual shirt and it made me a little sad. (I've clearly purchased clothing of all price scales and I'm not knocking clothes - just marveling at the relative price of things that take so many resources to get to us and what they offer us as benefits.)

Wow, surprise - I guess I my pants were crankypants!


  1. oh dear oh dear...."crankypants"....have you heard of "happy pants"? My husband has a pair of ridiculous hammer/happy pants from the 80s bought in Indonesia - fortunately he kept me happy by not wearing them. Hope happy thoughts return to you quickly.


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