What I wore in Brooklyn and what I bought on the left coast

I wore this to: do my food coop shift in the office; walk home

shirt/blackbear vintage
cutoffs/old gap jeans

Now for my transgressions:

I was doing so well at the start of the trip and was able to focus on experiences vs shopping. Once we hit Seattle, however, it'd been a week of idle time and about the 700th Buffalo Exchange/Crossroads/Redlight that I'd passed by and I snapped.

At the Buffalo Exchange in Seattle I got 2 dresses...

...a Kimchi + Blue dress:

photo from UO

And this dress:


And the seal was broken. That was all I got in Seattle but when we returned to Portland and were on the SE, I still hadn't made it into a Crossroads and I did want to check them out. What? We don't have a Crossroads in NYC. Totally valid reasoning. (Or "totally valid reasoning"?)

So, a Vivienne Westwood necklace and cinch belt later, I'd experienced Crossroads:


So now I've wiped out any savings from my clothing account ($18 left in there).

My goal of saving gajillions of dollars or putting $$ towards fixing stuff I currently own is not panning out this month. (Y'think?) I do still want to try (again) to hold off on buying stuff until December. At the very least, aiming for that goal put me in a place where I used the $$ I had to play with and didn't go over, which was always an issue before. Now that I've realized that, hopefully the psychology doesn't backfire. While I'm not living the success story this month, I could have gone apeshit and like, made myself a dress of $20 bills or something. (For what I spent in $20s on this stuff would have made me a bikini top, if that.) I didn't do that. I did buy a bunch of shit, though.

The good news is that despite all of that, this month I now have a 6-month mandatory expenses emergency fund and can start an actual "when opportunity knocks" savings account. The cats still have their vetting savings account, too. And I'm trying to build my credit again by having my standard credit card and a secondary secured card to eventually prove I'm worth of a large loan (aka mortgage) if I ever decide to get involved in that monkey business.


  1. It seems to me that whenever I pressure myself not to spend any money on stuff at all, I either a) find really great pieces that would fill gaps in my wardrobe/furniture/library or b) feel like I need to rebel against my own rules and go apeshit.

    I think you've put yourself into a good position financially, and you should just sally forth holding out on buying things until December. And at the risk of coming across as an enabler, I think all of these purchases suit you really well and that you'll get a lot of good use out of them!

  2. okay I'm going to risk the enabler bit.. these are good finds- and you didn't go overboard- oh and you can get a lot of use out of them. And considereing the tax free temptation that is Oregon- you did well...

    I bought little kitchen gadets at this kitchen supply shop and a Vegan Asian cookbook at Powells. funny thing is Mario is the one that bought clothes this time around!

  3. dude, it sounds like you are doing alright to me. At least you are consciously thinking ABOUT what you're spending and it isn't mindless emotional void filling shopping. (i think)

  4. I got an office shift at the coop too : ) Mine is on a Monday. My b/f signed up for a shift where he works 8pm-2am on Sunday 4 times a year, doing all the heavy-duty stuff they need to be closed for!

  5. @LHdM, @LFD, @Teeny -
    Thank you for being my enablers! I also think they're good, utilitarian finds that look like "me" so I'm hoping you're right.

    @Allisun - that's awesome! I'm Monday, D week @ 8:30 in the office (orientation, shift sign-ups). We had a bunch of openings so I was hoping you'd be on my shift but I'll bet you're not! Dang!


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